Tony Perkins is the face of Christianity?

tony perkins david duke


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14 Replies to “Tony Perkins is the face of Christianity?”

  1. just to know, could you quote a racist statement made by Perkins? or are you applying the guilty by association fallacy?

      1. are you talking about David Duke the former democratic candidate and winner of the Vice-Presidential nomination for the Democratic Party in 1988 New Hampshire?
        Anyway, a relationship with Perkins? when did they met?

          1. ah the CCC:
            what a strange mixture of Republicans and Democrats
            “Bill Lord, Mississippi senior field officer of the council, said 34 members of the state legislature there are members, and most, but not all, are Democrats…”

            “The council stretches well across party lines; more than 30 members of the Mississippi legislature, Republicans and Democrats, were said to be members. The CCC is a case study in hate masquerading as politics…”

  2. I wonder when people will allow others to make mistakes and just let it go instead of building huge conspiracies from what probably innocent encounters?

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