Tom, Stephan Huller is not a biblioblogger (update)

I’ve dealt with Huller for a while a now. So, instead of coming to my blog and talking to me, he goes other places, like a coward. So, he’s at Tom’s place – and a delightful place it is – trying to talk bad about the number 1 biblioblogger, for now, because, well whatever persecution complex he has for the day. Huller attacks everyone that doesn’t agree with him. Uncivil doesn’t begin to describe him.

So, while Huller is other places complaining about a vast conspiracy which is meant to somehow, the world over, exclude him, the only thing someone can do is to pity the poor dilettante.

And to Tom, I say this: Good luck. There is no point of talking reason into Huller who has created his own people (suddenly, he is a direct descendent of Jacob Frank, which I assume allows Huller the mantle of ‘reincarnated Messiah’), his own myth, his own conspiracies and somehow, just somehow, managed to stay out of a straight jacket.

He has in the past attacked, without provocation, Jeremy, as well as a well-known scholar, even dragging him into his conspiracy theories. He regularly creates his own rules of scholarship and  engagement which, if you do not follow and bend too, sends him over the mental edge which gives him, as he thinks, room to uncivilly attack you not only on his blog, but anywhere else where he gets a chance.

He is known to spam, using aliases, to secure his own work. It’s like writing your own book review on Amazon. It is dishonest and shows that his ‘scholarship’ is worthless, as he admits here, in that all he does is assume. He is published by a group known for publishing esoteric books, which sorta fits, since they published Madam Blavatsky.

His outlandish conspiracy theories, his lack of civility and integrity as well as his blatant dilettantism prevents him from being considered a biblioblogger.



Read Tom’s blog. Huller (PHP for short) has responded, using private communication, well, not so much using it as abusing it. I wouldn’t suggest clicking over to his post and it is just about equal to reading the National Enquirer for actual facts. Anyway, Tom handles it masterfully.

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11 Replies to “Tom, Stephan Huller is not a biblioblogger (update)”

  1. I want to thank you Joel for letting me live out a dream of sharing the top 50 rankings with you. ….blah blah blah (moderator edit). Those were the best two months of my life.

    Thanks for making my dreams come true.

    1. Huller is no doubt referring to another Biblioblogger and is, in his usual tone, being as insincere, and if I may, blatantly dishonest, as he can be.

  2. I knew Stephane in high school (Woburn Collegiate in Scarborough). He was a bully and a liar then who would make up cruel rumours and was generally despised by his peers as well as his teachers. I see not much has changed.

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