Today, I am thankful for…

To say I am thankful most for anything is to deny the complexity of networks in my life wherein one synapse is uplifted by another. The network that combines all fo these things, the far reaching lists, is only the list of things I am thankful for.

I have written two acknowledgments lately that describe some of those I am most thankful for, but instead of waiting for the book to come out, I’ll mention some now.

I am thankful to my wife and family.

For my church – Christ Church United Methodist. To my Sunday School class — especially since they haven’t burned me at the stake just yet.

For my friends of whom the majority are online and some of whom I have never met.

For publishers who allow me to review for them

For my publishS

For my readers.

For those in my dreams.

For not having to say President-elect Romney

For Jim West, Mark Stevens, Richard Dawkins, and N.T. Wright

For acceptance, rejection, and neutrality

For you.

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