To My Brothers and Sisters in Portage TCOJC (B)

Check the updates at the bottom (and here as well)

What follows is a private (sorta) message to my brothers and sisters in Christ who are experiencing hurt and schism. (Updates at the bottom). Several pastors have gone so far as to hide child molestation, humiliate those who question them sharing private information from the pulpit. This is my attempt to help those trapped in this darkness to come out, and those who have come out to know that they are not alone, nor wrong, but that we must all help each other out. Some of these words are tough and a little odd, but what is going on is wrong, I believe, and many people are being hurt.

Psst…by the way, if you find anything wrong on this, please let me know. The facts are simple: Certain pastors conspired to hide the fact that child molestation was going or had went on for an extended period of time. Further, the information I have states that the molestation happened in Tennessee, Indiana, and West Virginia. Again, if you find that I have said anything wrong, leave it in the comments section or email me.

You know of the deceit and monarchical control of your former pastor. You know of the favoritism shown in June. You know what is being covered up. You know of the hypocrisy and of the changes of rules according to the person. Of perhaps the application of those rules?

Now, I realize that this post is attracting a lot of attention today (10/14), and that’s good. Personally, the deceit shown in June is breaking up the Organization. Why? Because you, Presiding Bishops among others, have allowed a certain sin to creep in, and then, once it is in, you shield it. You protect it. All in the name of what? Friendship? For fear of bringing reproach upon the Church? (here and here)

What do you think you have done?

Yes, a crime was committed – but you who knew about committed crimes as well (see the links above). Then, you created secrecy, and hid sins, compounding sins upon sin.

The Organization will not be around much longer, maybe a year, or two. You have compromised.

See here and here.

But, is splitting the right answer? Yes. If need be, but first, take a vote. See if the pastor will actually take biblical leadership – meaning adding someone to the top tier of the ministry. If not, then you must schism. But, if you do, follow Abraham.

When you start condoning divorce and remarriage, when you start condoning homosexuality, is it a real church?

Brothers and sisters, keep this in mind. The Church has withstood so much, even from the very start. Read 3rd John. Read the words of the Apostle who had sent messengers to this local congregation. The man who took charge – he took it, it was given to him – had began to expel people who stood against him. This is not godly. The Apostle condemned this as ungodly and worthy enough of a personal visit.

What would Paul say or John say to the pastors of our congregations? We should tremble at that thought, friends.

Friends, I don’t want you think me callous to this, or that I believe that these offending pastors are hellbound or in grave doctrinal error. These are men, fallible, like everyone else. They have err’d, sinning out as we would say. I believe that their is hope to repairing the damage, in bringing together again the unity of friends and family in the Church of Jesus Christ. The pastors who have so err’d must step down. If they have committed a crime, then they should turn themselves in. Further, the local congregations must take up a biblical form of church government. But more importantly, they have to stand for God in these terrible times, regardless of appearances or hurt feelings.

For me, I wish I could fellowship again the Church, but we will see.

UPDATE 10/20

Let me sate unequivocally: Not all the pastors in the organization know the truth, or the full facts, you might say, of what actually happened. Some of the pastors are unaware of what is going on. I am not attempting to destroy the organization, on the contrary, I want to see it saved. This is why I called for the removal of the pastors involved in the cover-up of sin. There are good men and women in this organization who don’t know the truth, and further, do not believe that they can question their pastor if they did.

However, those that know the truth – regardless of their excuses – are weak and ineffectual and very much a party to what is happening if they do nothing to correct it.

I open this up to anything someone has to say. Freely. Non-censured. I would prefer not to mention names, besides my own, however. You know where I stand. Some people seem to think that this is ‘mudslinging.’ Hardly. I have to note that the Pauline Corpus was passed around publicly, which included ‘named-calling’ and names of the wrongdoers themselves!. Further, Paul was harsh in this language. He didn’t apologize all that often. What this is, is a public call to reform our beloved organization. We can do it.

UPDATE 11/07

I get traffic to this letter from time to time, and I am hoping that it is going to call attention to the cancer which is growing in the Church. Pacifism in this regard to sin.

Usually, we understand pacifism as the refusal to fight in wars and to be ‘peace’ loving. Here to, this mentality has transferred to the battle with sin. Paul said that we are war with our flesh, but how many are still in the battle? Homosexuality has taken a place on the pulpit on some of these local churches of ours. There is no hope to recover them from the grips of this vile sin, because eyes are turned. Surely not this person, they say, but this person is gay and yet lifted up. Why? What because people believe that sin can be ignored.

Are you ignoring sin? Now, don’t get me wrong, homosexuals should not be shunned, but neither should people abide by sin. Should we allow them on the pulpit? No. We should support them, and affirm their humanity, but so to should we stand on the word of God and fight against the sin which abides with us.

Friends, you and I know how difficult it is to face this type of sin within our own family, but if we are ministers, if we are Christians, then God and His glorious Church comes first.

The Pharisee Saul was married, with children, before he became the Apostle Paul. How do I know this? Because to be a member of the Sanhedrin, and to be a Pharisee, you had to be married with children. But, in all of the New Testament, we know that he is not. Why? We don’t know, but it might very well be that upon his conversion, his family simply left him.

We know that Christ had to divorce Himself from His family to do the will of the Father.

But will our ministers? Do they have the courage to stand up to their own families?

You and I have seen that answer, and that answer is no.

UPDATE 11/28/09

Contrary to popular opinion, I have not gone pentecostal. Someone at Ohley has started the rumor that have gone Ripley, but that is a lie. I have not gone anywhere, as a matter of fact.

UPDATE 12/06/09

I’ve added this post – which, without names, details the reasons I left the ‘home church.’

UPDATE 03/06/10

Some thoughts.

UPDATE 03/26/10

I am questioning why the Church of Jesus Christ is being shown up by the Catholic Church?

UPDATE 03/28/10

There are rumors out there, about me, and that is fine. I am not ‘too educated’ to believe the Gospel nor am I ‘pentecostal.’ Odd, that these things are thrown around as if to say that an educated person cannot believe in Christ. I have far from ‘educated’, trust me. I do the best I can, and will start down that road in January. I do not think that the Spirit of God resides either at Ohley or at Portage, but it can. The pastors need to resign. Please.

UPDATE 4/14/10

Another church split? Really? Friends, I ask you to read the story of David and Bathsheba, which plagued David for a generation. Spence, from what I understand, removed a pastor from the first split (B) from the Dyersburg congregation (A). Why? Because they were connected to the pastor from a split from Portage. So, what did they do? They have the pastoring over to a man who is constantly in and out of church, and not just him, but his entire family, who has never ministered, much less pastored. Now, because of a public ‘rebuking’ of the person who should have been pastor, there has been another split. Really? Doesn’t anyone see what is going on here? Rather, why it is happening? How a little leaven as seeped in, and now threatens to destroy more than an organization, but the faith of numerous souls? Spence should be ashamed of himself and so too his assistant who is not smelling like a Rose.

UPDATE 6/22/10

Another church split, and another one and another one. How many are in Dyersburg now? The Portage area? How many are lost? Does the prayer of Christ in John 17 mean anything? Where are your fruits? If you are the true church, were is your fruit?

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12 Replies to “To My Brothers and Sisters in Portage TCOJC (B)”

  1. There is alot more going on in the (organization) than just that incident. The problem is no one wants to take a stand for the Lord and the WHOLE bible, and those that do and attempt to correct it are labeled devils.

    1. cols29 (I use your screen name)

      Every incident, whether a divorce, or cover-up, is a sign of what is going on – when it slips out, what is left which is being hidden? If the fruits that drop are rotten, what then do we make of the root?

      You are no devil because you take a stand for God, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. You are no devil because you love the Church, which we are taught to love and not to bring a reproach upon, because you are doing what you have been taught.

      Conflicts like these are nothing new, as if our Apostle John faced it – 3rd John.

      We are in prayer that God will be merciful, just, but quick.

  2. FF, so kind of you to remain anon, as it leaves you in a position to counter, but not be countered. (Of course, with the IP look-up, it helps) Let’s see what I can do:

    The facts? See, there is the problem of anonymity. I do not know what ‘facts’ you know or don’t know. I will assume, by using your IP, that I know who you are.

    Mistakes for personal reasons or still mistakes. Crimes committed out of passion are still crimes. Christians have an obligation to our secular societies. We preach that we must obey the laws of the land, so easily when it comes to the death penalty, but when it comes to a personal sacrifice, then we abandon that position? The fact is, is that in the states in which this action is concerned, it is a law not to report such events. Further, there are moral and ethical concerns which predicate that a man in position of authority, especially the authority over the people of God, must do certain things.

    Now, instead of attempting to discredit me by stating that I have left several times, why don’t you take all of this into account? First, what are/where the issues? Favoritism? Refusing to call sin a sin? Seems to me that those talltell signs then have exploded out in the open now. There are sins yet uncalled down – a cancerous tumor which you refuse to acknowledge.

    If you think that sitting and watching sin and cover-up develop and then getting enough of it was an impulse, then you don’t know the history. Last year, after watching sin upon sin being added, I quit being a ‘minister.’ Then I quit participating in a lot on things. Then, after the May Revival, I stopped going except for Sunday mornings. It was not impulse. But, when it broke, I could not stay there. What floors me is that you actually think someone should. Impulse? Hardly.

    The ‘Johnson’ affair is something you misread. You incorrectly assumed in this situation.

    I never said that you represent the Bishop Board – but you are a pastor, and in the organization, defending actions. By doing so, your mentality here is a sure sign of the mentality of the organization.

    Do you realize that you used my failure to buckle up my children one time, due to carting your around, as an excuse not to hold someone who is hiding child molestation accountable? If you can actually place the failure to buckle up, especially noting the fact that everyone is and has remained safe, and that you have no idea what I do with my children when you are not around, on the same level as hiding child molestation and homosexuality then I have to wonder on what grounds you can stand and teach someone about sin. Further, you have to realize that you are focused on hypothetical, worse case scenarios. Child Molestation has already happened.

    Read the comments on the post about it. I have discussed this issue with professionals and they all see the same thing. It is an excuse to refuse to hold people accountable.

    You are a pastor, a man of God, someone who is supposed to being willing to hold people accountable. Tell me, how do we know a tree? Look at the fruit around you. Look at what the bible says. Look at the example what Paul and Philemon. We still have obligations to the secular world.

    1. Bro. Joel,
      I don’t know who FF is but he needs to find out the whole story before making comments. Sadly I know alot more than most and it hurts very much.
      No one is ever happy about a church split but when the Pastor REFUSES to meet and discuss issues and is asked many many times to please meet and let us reason togehther as the scripture says.
      Further is warned that the devil is tearing the church apart with these issues such as IVF ( in Vitro Fertilization) which is playing God( they worship and serve the creature more than the creator) ring a bell?
      Where they justify such actions, which is killing babies, but they say that it is your own conviction.
      Who say that it is not life just a mass of cells ,well if I may ,if that mass of cells was found on the moon the headlines would read LIFE FOUND ON THE MOON so then science knows more about life than the church ?
      Did not the Lord and savior Jesus Christ start out as a mass of cells?
      Then can we do away with commandments of God Thou Shalt Not Kill.
      Can we say that the day after pill is ok which is another form of abortion.
      We must realize that Abraham took Issac to the top of the mountain to sacrifice him to prove his love to God only and he passed the test.
      Sadly not everyone that Gods takes to the mountain passes the test they are loving someone or thing more than God.
      They allow their children to marry those in church when it is agaisnt the word of God and fail to heed the warnings of brothers who really care for them.
      They desire to please others more than God ,they compromise the word of God with their children ,but crucify yours and mine for being disobeident to the small things, not that I am justifing sin but they strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.
      They permit this and think to themselves that they will seek Gods forgiveness and all will be well take heed brothers in this you do err you really need to study on this.
      Well you got what you wanted but you lost what you had !
      We are having Pastors that say what is wrong with giving God a little help, yes I heard this with my own ears and was heard by another saint in the church so yes I am bible on this.
      Pastors that tell the ministery what to preach and what not to, I thought we are to find that out from God ?
      When did it change from a brotherhood to a dictatorship, this is just the tip of the icebeerg and remember an iceberg sank the unsinkable Titanic.

      1. Well said.

        I believe that many either don’t see, or refuse to see the fruit which is dropped making excuses along the way.

        I admit, I have left fellowship with my previous congregation twice. Why? Because when I went to the pastor about sin, sin that he was allowing, I was told ever so politely where to go. I have yet to read in my bible of a monarchial pastorate. As I have detailed, my leaving was not an impulse, but a ‘step down’ process in which I gave-up things to in order to give up what I thought was my responsibility to say things. Maybe I was wrong in that. If so, God forgive me, but there are something things I will not rationalize, or give up on, or be party to. Sin is one of them. I want sin out of my life, and I will not make excuses for it.

        I believe that there is a way to end this, and is, as I said before, for the pastors who have be party to this to step down. God doesn’t need help, He just needs us to follow Hi rules. I dearly love the Church of Jesus Christ, and many of the fine people in it I have nothing against. But those who would us their power and authority to shirk God’s hand, well brothers and sisters, that kite don’t fly.

  3. To make this process easier – please keep all names anonymous. While the form asks you for emails, you can make them up. Only I see them. If you want, you can actually leave clues as to your identity, which will never be revealed.

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