Thoughts on Anders Behring Breivik in the Biblioblogosphere and Beyond

I’ve tried to share my thoughts on Breivik and the attacks in Norway, in light of our rush to judgment and labeling of others. I’m not alone. I want to make the comment that more than likely, as we will see – if we are ready to listen – that Breivik was a cultural extremist, more than anything else.

I want to begin with Jason who opens his post with,

It is obvious that the term “Fundamentalist” will never recover its proper usage.

Neither can we distinguish between a theological Fundamentalist and an idealogical fundamentalist by calling one a Fundamentalist and the other a fundamentalist, thus distinguishing them by the “F/f.”

I think he finally understands what we’ve been saying. I like Jason and I know of other decent, honest, sincere Christians who take a very literal view of the Scriptural text. But, their movement has been hijacked by those who would use that to engender hate, bigotry, and other ‘isms which aren’t a part of the commonality of many Christians as described above who see nothing greater than the Love of Christ.

Dr. McGrath (James) writes,

Many Christians will respond to these recent tragic events by emphasizing that Breivik’s actions are in fact at odds with core Christian teachings and principles. I am perfectly fine with that – provided those who make that claim in relation to Christianity also accept it from Muslims who make the same point about their faith and its core teachings that are at odds with terrorism.

According to Harry (HT – Jim), who has (what he claims is a picture of) Breivik in Masonic regalia (Al-Jazeera confirms it)  links to a site which lists the terrorist’s ideology, which is not so much Christian Fundamentalist as it is Euro-centric which includes cultural Christianity but not actual Christianity,

On “Gates of Vienna” thinking:

Hlund, Fjordman, Hårstad, Rust

I’m NOK much later in the game than him when I have only been politically active for 13 years. I førstegenerasjonsdhimmi (Generation Y). I was active Oslo FrP / FpU in the first 6-7 years (in the cultural conservatives + laissez faire capitalist / liberal camp) and contributed to the Progress Party’s success before I stopped. I felt the time was more important to help develop / promote the political doctrines abroad especially British, German, French, American). I ran the business a few years while I studied and earned a few million so I could finance a inntektsløs politically active life. I now use these funds to be able to work full time to further develop / promote the Vienna Academy (Vienna school of thought) that Fjordman, Bat Yeor, Spencer + many others have already contributed so much till. The last three years I worked full time with a cultural conservative works that will help to further develop / promote these political doctrines further.

Anyway, I consider the future consolidation of the cultural conservative forces on all seven fronts as the most important in Norway and in all Western European countries. It is essential that we work to ensure that all these 7 fronts using the Vienna school of thought, or at least parts of the grunlag for 20-70 year-struggle that lies in front of us.

The book is called, by the way 2083 and is in English, 1100 pages).

To sums up the Vienna school of thought:

– Cultural Conservatism (anti-multiculturalism)
– Toward Islamization
– Anti-racist
– anti-authoritarian (resistance to all authoritarian ideologies of hate)
– Pro-Israel/forsvarer of non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries
– Defender of the cultural aspects of Christianity
– Revealing Eurabia project and the Frankfurt School (ny-marxisme/kulturmarxisme/multikulturalisme)
– Is not an economic policy and can collect everything from socialists to capitalists

Frankfurt School (kulturmarxisme) is a very ambitious unofficial ideology (and quite unknown to most) and they have succeeded in most areas (except to smash capitalism, European Christianity and European identity, traditions, culture). Vienna school is more a defense against this where we often use the Marxist ‘own creations against them (sexual liberation, feminism, liberalism, anti-racism, anti-autoriære arguments).

Vienna school of thought is far from a complete ideology but consists of principles and ideas that are constantly under development.It is unofficial and does not necessarily ever to be recognized.

Al-Jazeera has an editorial up about the Western threat to Islam and the discounting of religious extremists as madmen instead of terrorists:

In 1969, for example, an Australian Jew who set fire to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was dismissed as a “madman” and sent for psychiatric treatment; end of story. The right-wing Jewish fundamentalists plotting to destroy the mosque, and the nearby Dome of the Rock, lived to fight another day. I suspect that that is what will happen with the Norwegian bomber/shooter; his right-wing links and Christian fundamentalist contacts will be dismissed as irrelevant. This, we will be told, was the work of a “deranged” person “acting independently”. Ergo, the only organised “terror threats” to civilisation are still “Islamic-related” and the focus of anti-terror legislation and efforts must remain in the Muslim world and on Muslim communities in Europe and the USA.

Dr. Rehman writing on the Huffington Post notes,

The initial preliminary clues do not suggest any obvious link between the suspect Anders Behring Breivik and religious extremism. However, the comments that he allegedly made on the political website suggest that Breivik strongly disliked multiculturalism, immigrant culture, left-wing or “Marxist” ideas, and felt that traditional Norwegian values were being threatened by multiculturalists, Muslims and left-wing politics.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Norwegian Police had been warned of a rise in extremism. There were actually among the first to suggest that it was caused by Islamic Terrorists.

Finally…. Rodney has chimed in, as has Roland Boer and Elizabeth Scalia.

Check here for Breivik’s notion of creating a Euro-Tea Party.

Reverend Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches, himself a Norwegian, has issued a prayer,

A prayer for the people of Norway and for all victims of violence and terror

God of life, God of love:
In the face of unbearable tragedy we turn to you;
hear our cry, listen to our prayers, to our words, to our silence …

God of healing, God of mercy:
Hear our prayers for the people of Norway;
for all in deep distress, for all who grieve, for the injured and the shocked, for those in despair.
May they be cared for and comforted.
For all in the emergency services working long hours to search, to listen, to care, to protect, to heal.
May they be given strength and also find support.

God of mercy, God of peace:
Hear our prayers for all around the world facing terror and unspeakable violence;
May violence be overcome and the path to peace be found.
All human life is fragile, each of us is precious in your eyes,
Teach us to value one another as you value us.

God of justice, God of courage:
We pray for all leaders in times of crisis,
That they may act for the common good, offering hope and not fear.

God of courage, God of transformation:
We pray for our churches,
That they may be places of openness and forgiveness, planting the values of peace and justice in society.
Transform all fundamentalism and vengeance into attitudes that make for reconciliation.
May we learn to be children of your kingdom of love.

God of all  grace and all thankfulness:

In gratitude we pray, giving thanks for the prayers and encouragement which come from so many people and places at this time of suffering, pain and mourning. We learn global solidarity in a time of crisis; may we not forget one another in less stressful times ahead.

These prayers and the heavy silence of our hearts we offer in the name of your son Jesus Christ who trod the path of peace in the face of violence.


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9 Replies to “Thoughts on Anders Behring Breivik in the Biblioblogosphere and Beyond”

  1. It would be great if we all would awaken to the fact that depravity is the fundamental cause of all murder and terrorist activities.
    Of course, then one couldn’t pigeon-hole any certain group of people and vilify them.

    1. Jason, I agree.

      In reading some of the articles, I am tempted to pick out the profiles which they are using on the man…. conservative… Christian… fundamentalist…. white. When we can label, we can identify, ridicule, and discount an entire group.

  2. The problem is never the ideology behind the extremist. being either Muslim fundamentalism or Christian fundamentalism…..
    The problem is the extremist… the person who by his actions devaluate the the truth behind his ideology.

  3. Why are we shying away from the idea that a Christian can become a fundamental extremist.
    There has been a lot of demonic activity throughout history in the name of Christianity.
    While distancing ourselves from this behavior is right, the root is still in the fundamental approach to religion that is rampant in today’s world.

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