Thought I’d share some advice regarding moving away from fundamentalism

I’ve been corresponding with someone via facebook who, like me, is moving away from fundamentalism of sorts. This is my advice to them – and to all who struggle with following Christ in a world of Truth:

This is a matter of the interpretation of facts. Never forget that the Spirit of God cannot be confined to the academic arena. These men know a great deal, and at least two of them know enough to remain humble in the things they do not know. I know them somewhat personally, and they are sincere men of faith.

The middle ground is this – be humble. Allow that you do not know it all, and that part of the journey in knowing God is that you maybe never will. In John 16, Christ says that he will send us the Spirit which will guide us into all truth. We are being guided. Let yourself be guided. Explore the Mystics, which have helped me to remain spiritually humble in the presence of God.

Further, forget the labels. What is conservative now was liberal 50 years ago. What is liberal may not be as liberal as others think. Stick to Scripture. Remember that Scripture is not the foundation of our Faith, but Christ is. Remember as well that Scripture is our narrative. Incorporate yourself into it, and it into your life. Follow the Spirit’s speaking through Scripture, whether it is in academia, or mystical union.

And above all, remain humble.

I’d also add… find a good church, a pastor you can trust not to condemn you, expel you, but to allow you to grow.

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