Thom’s Stark Review of Paul Copan’s “Is God a Moral Monster?”

(I’m in there somewhere, seriously, like my name is mentioned!)

This is my review of Paul Copan’s Is God a Moral Monster? Making Sense of the Old Testament God (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2011). This review should be read as a supplement to Copan’s book. You may purchase Copan’s book here. This review may be freely distributed, reposted on your personal blogs and websites, printed off, emailed to friends and enemies, or completely ignored. If you do post it online or quote from it, please link back here or cite the source.

Download the Review: Is God a Moral Compromiser? Right-click and ‘save as’ on the link to download the review.

via Is God a Moral Compromiser? A Critical Review of Paul Copan’s “Is God a Moral Monster?” | Religion at the Margins.

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7 Replies to “Thom’s Stark Review of Paul Copan’s “Is God a Moral Monster?””

    1. ha! The first time my name has been in print and I didn’t have to pay for it myself, or, you know, have it accompanied with a picture and a sign with a few numbers at the bottom!

  1.  What I find extremely troubling is that many critics of the bible continue to describe the events reported in the old testament as real “genocides”.

    In fact, both the conquest of Canaan and the massacre of the amalekites are not true genocides.

    In reality, both events never occured:it is a well accepted fact that there was no exodus from Egypt, no Mose, no Joshua, no conquest of Canaan.
    The israelites actually emerged from the canaanites, that is from the very folks they are accused of having slaughtered !

    Although David existed, it is extremely unlikely that the reports of the Bible have any kind of ressamblance with the true historical figure (Finkelstein): they never was a great unified kingdom regrouping Judah and Israel, and the books describing David were written much later, at a time where historical evidences contradicting the theological fiction were no longer available.

    By the way, the same can also be said about the conquest of Canaan.

    It is therefore extremely misleading to see fellow atheists and sceptics (who should know better) speak of these events as if they really took place in time and history.

    Instead of either stating that God (if he existed) would be a moral monster or that the ancient israelites commited atrocities in his name, we should perhaps simply say that the ethic of the jews at this period of history was extremely primitive and this lead them NOT TO COMMIT THEMSELVES ATROCITIES BUT TO IMAGINE ATROCITIES COMMITED BY THEIR ANCESTORS WHICH NEVER HAPPENED !

  2. Gruesome, regarding the conquest narratives, that is precisely what I point out in my review, although I then proceed to critique Copan’s arguments assuming the veracity of the texts. His arguments fails on multiple levels.

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