Thomas Verenna drowns Ken Ham’s encounter with the Ark

While I don’t agree with Tom on everything – he should be blue, just saying – I would agree with him just a bit. Anyway, he has a lot of the current history of recent interaction with Noah’s Ark:

Recently there has been an aggressive push by the media to include stories in their coverage about the flood and the Ark.  Here are a few stories from the past few months:

None of this is new.  A Google News search indicates that people have been searching for Noah’s Ark since as early as the 1940′s.

Every attempt has led to failure or abuse of information.  Why?  Because the Ark is not on Ararat.  It’s not anywhere.  It never was.  The story of the Ark is a theological story.  It is not a history account.  Let’s break the narrative down into increments:

You’ll have to visit the link below to see why he says what he says:

Noah and the Flood: The Historical Impossibility « The Musings of Thomas Verenna.

I might not agree with everything, but he has some salient points.

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