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First, let me recommend the book Dr. Watson mentions in his post. Second, this is the move I wish many would take — restore doctrines. Get back to sound theology. Go back to Wesley and those fellows from the Evangelical United Brethren. Shoot, we need to explore Hooker and that Moravian Bishop…the one who colors Wesley’s thought about salvation to all… Böhler.

David F. Watson’s Blog: The Recovery of Doctrine in the UMC: An Event at United Theological Seminary.

Simply put — we need a sustained discussion about doctrine and theology before we can move forward on some of the issues pressing today.

I’d love to go. So, we shall see.

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10 Replies to “This is what should be done #umc @utsdoc”

  1. A person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still ! so the saying goes. You simply Recommend books and articles to change people or even have lengthy discussions. That’s simply doesn’t do anything. If you want to be effective in the kingdom of God or to manifest on this earth his mandate as described in Matthew feed the poor help up the downtrodden! Lend a helping and maybe counsel somebody if they want it! A lot more people will benefit from that and a bunch of gobbledygook discussed on forums like this

  2. That’s incredible how someone would want sustained discussion about issues like this ! put your money where your mouth is Joel and get out on the streets and help people

    1. Says the guy who has now made the concerted effort to reply twice to this post.

      Since you don’t know me, I’ll assume you are speaking generically about people needing to help others.

  3. You’re hiding behind your keyboard commando like presence here on the web, Get out there where the rubber meets the road and do some real good

  4. I get a kick out of these Wannabe theologians who get their degree for some crackerjack box unaccredited school from nowheresvilleposting things like this on the web !

  5. All I know the Internet is full of idiots like you with cheesy degrees of theology that dontmean anything !in the end buddy you got to get out there where the rubber meets the road and help people

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