This is not what I intend by “Praying the Book of Revelation,” at least not for my book

I have a project which I hope to get published one day… it involves turning the book of Revelation into prayers. We hear about praying the Psalms a lot, so starting from there, I have taken John’s Apocalypse and, roughly for now, turned most of it into meditative prayers set around a call-and-response style. I noticed that someone has a book which purports to enable someone to ‘pray the Book of Revelation.’

Well now…

Anyway, so I did some more searching… and found this:

As a mentioned recently in praying the Bible, taking specific promises and warnings from a passage of Scripture and praying them can help us to really root the Scripture in our hearts.  It also helps us to develop a more clear picture of exactly what the Lord is saying to us in a passage.  At the bottom of this post is a link you can use to download a document on praying the book of Revelation

Yeah… I don’t mean that either.

I mean praying, mediating, upon the Book of Revelation. Not in an eschatological sense, but in a mystical sense. There is no super secret code to it, nothing to gain – a la Prosperity Gospel/Spiritual Warfare – from it. In my opinion, the Book of Revelation is based on Psalm 2, and is Jewish-Christian enthronement hymn. It is also our fifth Gospel. As such, it should be mediated upon because it is the Gospel story told from the heights of the Cosmos.

Anyway, that’s just my thoughts.

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