This are the days of Lucan… The End of Morality?

“We used to experience morality as imperatives. The consequences of not doing the right thing were not only social, but deeply emotional and psychological. We couldn’t bear to live with ourselves. Now we experience morality more as a choice that we can always change as circumstances call for it. We tend to personalize our ideals. And what you end up with is a nation of ethical free agents.

via Moral Dystopia –

Morality is important. There is a corporate morality, to be sure, that holds society together. As our corporate morality is derided as leftist, or communist, or outdated, we lose individual morality as well.

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2 Replies to “This are the days of Lucan… The End of Morality?”

  1. I’m not sure just what you think of the quote. I tend to agree with it. Just who in society has the right to determine the limits of corporate morality? Not just liberal or conservative believers I think.

    1. that is the issue, Skid. I agree with the quote. I think regardless of who chooses it, to deny that such a thing exists is the first road to ruin

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