Things I learned From the Democratic Debate

This is just some reflection on the debate and not an endorsement or condemnation of anyone, other than where specifically noted.
1. Joe Biden seems unable to keep up. He came off as out of touch rather than relevant. He also apparently was responsible for everything that happened during the Obama administration.
2. Kamala Harris seems to want to be a queen. I lost count of the number of times she said she would do things by executive action.
3. All corporations are bad, except the ones that they like. They also should not be concerned with profit, because that is not “real capitalism”.
4> Health care is broken, so we need more government interference in it, or perhaps a single payer system, or a voluntary single payer system, or a buy in by a percentage of a paycheck that people can afford (of course they decide what that is.).
5. Washington only works for the rich and disconnected. Of course the people saying this are all from Washington…
6. Student loan debt is a problem that needs to be eliminated. The government will do that, even though the government has been trying to do that already…
7. The Koch brothers are evil, bad for America, and control everything. (Presumably except when they support popular Democratic points on immigration, pay their employees an average salary above the median income, give over a billion dollars to charity, disagree with Trump economic policies, etc)
8. Andrew Lang actually acknowledged Libertarians exist.
9. The Democratic party, rather the majority of it, is moving to the political left at a break neck pace.
10. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The income gap is getting worse, and will continue to do so. Everyone must be equal. But capitalism is good. A whole bunch of people missed some basic economics classes. (For problems with the income gap discussion and how the numbers work, see here:
11. Kamala Harris made Joe Biden look like a mean spirited, out of touch regarding race, and a pretty much useless politician.
12. Pete Buttigieg admitted some fault. That was pretty novel and the fact that a politician admitted fault and did not try to deflect it might have been the most impressive thing about the debate.
13. There is a wide consensus about making border crossing a civil matter and not a criminal one.
14. Lobbyists have to much influence in congress. (That is unless it is the green lobby, unions, AARP, NAACP, etc)
15. The NRA is Satan incarnate.
16. Gun violence is a priority, but doing anything about the guns that are used most often in crime and homicide is not. Oh, and “assault weapons” are the bane of all existence despite being responsible for less than 4% of all gun homicides.
17. Abortion is a constitutionally protected right (not really, but that is ok) and the government has no business interfering in it. Gun ownership is a constitutionally protected right and the government not only has every right to interfere with it, but is obligated to. Color me confused.
18. Tulsi Gabbord may not have economic policies that I like, but the fact that she doesn’t want to blow up everyone is refreshing.
19. President Trump wants war with Iran, even though he refrained from starting a war with Iran.
20. Trump couldn’t shut his Tweet during the debates, and just had to insult the hosts, candidates, etc.
21. Some want the torch passed, some want to hold on to the torch, but everyone agreed the nation is on fire and burning down around us.
22. The prevailing message of the Democrats, as a whole, will alienate the majority of independent voters.
23. Bill de Blasio sounded like a rude and petulant child with all of his interruptions.
24. Lots of attempts to include healthcare a human right.
25. Everyone seems to be determined to give away as much for “free” as is humanly possible, never mind that we already can’t pay for what we are doing.

All in all, it was about as you would expect. Lots of flash, little substance over all, especially from the front runners. Between the events of the debates, and some of the aftermath, such as quoting Che Guevara to Cuban Americans at a rally, I think that the field has been effectively cut in half at this point, even though many of those who suffered the most political damage will hang on for as long as they have money.

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  1. Dems obviously believe abortion is an issue of “pro-life” or “pro-choice”, with no discrimination between early-term, late-term, or post-birth abortion. As the Virginia Governor had said, after birth, make the baby comfortable, then, wink-wink…everybody knows what he was talking about. Since he is a doctor, you know this obviously happens. Since most court cases have to do with when, not if, an abortion can be performed, dems are buying into murder.

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