Theology v. Faith

For many who weren’t baptized as infant or child, the moment they came to accept Christ was a very emotionally charged moment full of thoughts and feelings they didn’t really or fully understand. It is an altogether scary and wonderful moment. For those of us who were baptized as children or babies, we sometimes have these moments later in our lives when we come to affirm Christ and accept Him of our own volition. This, too, can be a supercharged emotional experience, one to be told and retold.

Then, some of us go on do dig deeper into the Scripture, in search of a fuller understanding of this Christ. We want to better know our God, so we search for answers to the easy, and the hard questions. And, in the process, we develop our own Theology, created from our understanding of Scripture along with the words of great theologians and saints, present and past.

The sad part to this story is that somewhere along this path of discovery, some of us lose the ability to say, “I don’t know.” Somewhere, in our search for answers, in the development of out theology we forget our faith. That is, instead of continuing to wrestle with God, we stop, thinking that the match is over because we have an answer to every question.

I have only been a pastor for a year now and a seminarian for two years, but in that time, the one complaint that I have heard the most about “bad” pastors is that “they think they know everything.”

I have heard some of the greatest Christian wisdom come from people who can’t define “Theology.”=

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