#thelostgospel press conference Bingo game!

Tomorrow is the press conference, to coincide with the release of the book, according to Jacobovici. It will be held at the British Library’s conference center which can be rented for a nominal fee. Due to the early release of the book on Google books, Dr. Robert Cargill has reviewed the book. (See my round up and post here.)

So, in honor of the press release, I thought a little fun may be in order. Here are the bingo cards (SIMCHA BINGO – pdf download), with which we can all play “Simcha Press Conference Bingo”. The game will be fun because the card includes the go-to arguments and phrases that Simcha routinely relies upon to promote himself and attack his critics.. The best thing about this is, is that you can reuse it next Christmas/Easter when our friend has another new startling revelation to announce! 

This is just one of the cards!!!!

simcha press conference bingo

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8 Replies to “#thelostgospel press conference Bingo game!”

  1. Joel,

    I’m reading Jacobovici and Wilson’s book now. It’s great and comprehensible, which is more than I can say about your blog. What does come across clearly is the antisemitism. As in, “holocaust survivor” in your bingo game. He never refers to himself as such. Bringing up the fact that Simcha is a child of holocaust survivors is sick and yes, antisemitic. What is clear is that there is now an online industry of bloggers riding on his coat tails. And you’re one of these pathetic guys.

  2. Looking at Barrie Wilson’s web site, I was struck by my imagination, which seems to be a Wilson property too. Wilson even looks like Morton Smith. Over-the-top interpretation of a fictional story. Video was funny. An old guy, who wrote boring, academic papers a long time ago. Now getting old, he decides to strike out into the popular culture, and now writes film commentaries (like on Annie Hall), and books like the Lost Gospel, in an attempt to get popular attention in the twilight of his career. As I mentioned on the Act of Peter, it’s just a story. Any relationship to a person, living or dead, is a coincidence. But it sells books, and makes money for them.

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