the way GW dances will go in the future – leaving room for the Holy Spirit

If you don’t get the first part of the title, don’t worry. Just look at the picture.


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5 Replies to “the way GW dances will go in the future – leaving room for the Holy Spirit”

  1. What if one’s Bible is a pocket New Testament?

    Actually, the interaction of men and women on the dance floor and in life radically changed half a century ago when Chubby Checker and the Twist caused couples to dance apart from each other. Meanwhile, despite growing up in that era, my wife and I never danced until AFTER we were married. These days, we’re one of that curious breed able to waltz around our living room in complete privacy, without benefit of music, and totally focused on each other. It is something that only comes from spending time together.

      1. Although I’m not sure of the origins, Bob Jones College/University is/was a prominent promoter of the “6-inch rule” for separating unmarried students of the opposite sex. The school is also known for a rigid moral code of acceptable and unacceptable music and other forms of entertainment. Given the above, it is quite possible/probable that the drawing originated somewhere within the Bob Jones sphere of influence.

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