The Urantia Book and the Nature of Jesus

Cover of "The Urantia Book"
Cover of The Urantia Book

According to the Urantia Book, Jesus and the Spirit are one and the same.

In a recent discussion with some, errm, “scholars” of the FER (Fifth Epochal Revelation, or Uranta Book), they pointed out that Jesus was Spirit, and one of the minor Galactic Deities. This is because Jesus “lives in us”.

I did not even attempt to deal with the ridiculousness of the “minor galactic deity” bit. However, the Bible certain teaches that Jesus was a man, died, and was resurrected in Bodily form (he touched, was touched, was seen, spoke, ate, etc), so we say Jesus is still human, seated at the right hand of the father.

So, this occurs often, even “normal” Christians do not understand that Jesus has a body, and as such he can not live inside your body. That’s just logically and physically impossible. So the orthodox teaching is that the Spirit, a separate person of the Trinity is the one who is within us, and makes Christ known to us, and Christ brings us to the Father. This is found particularly in John 14 and 16.


Anyway, I asked the “Scholar” to prove from the Bible that Jesus and the Spirit were one, even after explaining to him the relevant verses in John, He STILL wouldnt believe me, and this was his response:

Briefly, The Holy Spirit (mentioned extensively throughout all of the Bible) is a Spirit of God with a feminine, or Motherly Nature. Jesus Christ stated that God the Paradise Universal Father is Spirit; and He is Fatherly Spirit. Jesus Christ is also He; as He Incarnated here as a male Son of God and Son of Man.  Jesus is still 100% Spirit God and 100% Spirit Man.  None of these three Spirit Personality Deities are mere physical human male or female bodies ! Our human destiny is also to be 100% Godly perfected and 100% Spirit (and male spirit nature) Son of God or 100% Spirit (and female spirit nature) Son of God on Paradise with these Deities.  Both men and women here are classified as (potentially ascending) Sons of God; the Daughters of God are the many types of angels, super-angels, heavenly hosts, ministering Spirits of the Holy Infinite Spirit .

Here are some verses to reflect upon:

1. Look up scriptures that include these phrases

“the Spirit of the Lord”
“the Spirit of Jesus”
“the Spirit of Christ
“the Spirit of Jesus Christ”, and
“the Spirit of Son”.

A few:

“But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons. And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father. Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.” (Gal.4:4-7)

“For I know that this shall turn to my salvation (blessings, deliverance, and provision) through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:19

(find others)

2. and some from my NOW (New Old Word) spiritual HighLights …

98. For it pleased THE FATHER that IN CHRIST JESUS ALL OF GOD’S FULLNESS IS! Colos 1:19

97. &100.   I  AND  MY FATHER  ARE  ONE!  (JESUS speaking) John 10:30<p>

237.  YOU are not only in the flesh,  as THE  SPIRIT  OF GOD INDWELLS YOU !!
Rom 8:9<p>

241.  GOD’S  Glorious  SPIRIT IN the INNER MAN  strengthens us to have faith
such that  JESUS CHRIST  may  DWELL IN our hearts; that we  KNOW  the transcendent eternal  LOVE of  JESUS CHRIST; and WE SHALL sometime be filled with all the fullness of GOD!
Eph 3:16,17,19<p>

376.  (JESUS)  THE  SPIRIT  OF  TRUTH  DWELLS  WITH YOU AND SHALL BE  IN YOU FOREVER!! (in addition to the Holy Spirit)               John 14:16,17<p>

380.  (JESUS) YOU LIVE  IN ME;  LET ME LIVE  IN YOU. John 15:4<p> 

359.  (JESUS)  If a man loves Me,  he will keep My Words; and My FATHER will
LOVE him, and WE WILL COME INTO HIM, and make OUR HOME WITH HIM !! John 14:23<p> (as Two Spirits in One and Three in One Spirits; Jesus still in a limited human body could not do that ! Infinite difference !)


479.  SEE! I stand at the door and knock; if ANY man hear My Voice and opens the door,  I WILL COME  IN TO HIM,  AND WILL SUP  WITH HIM,  AND HE WITH ME.
Rev 3:20<p>
93. …and he who receives Me (JESUS) receives HIM who sent Me! Mat 10:40<p>

304.  Your heart was sometimes dark,  NOW it is  full of  Light of the Lord;
BEHAVE AS CHILDREN OF LIGHT!!! Because of this  LIGHT WITHIN YOU, you should strive for goodness, righteousness and Truth.                     Eph. 5:8,9<p>

469.  (JESUS)   I  AM   WITH  YOU  ALWAYS,  even to the ends of the earth!!!
Mat 28:20<p>
Philip 4:4,5<p>
Isa 12:6<p>
177.  FEAR NOT: for I AM WITH YOU;  I will…bring My sons from afar, and My
daughters from the ends of the earth; even EVERY ONE who is Called by My Name;  for I have created
him for My Glory, I have formed him; yes, I have made him.
Isa 43:5,6,7<p>

in darkness,  but SHALL HAVE  THE LIGHT OF LIFE!!!
John 8:12<p>

409. (JESUS)…he who SEES ME SEES HIM who sent Me.  I  AM   COME  A  LIGHT into  the  world.  ( ! ! ! ) John 12:45,46<p>

484.  BEHOLD   ( S E E ! )   YOUR  GOD !    …FOR  THE  TIME  IS  AT  HAND!
Isa 40:9  Rev 22:10<p>

Now, anyone else see the problems here?

1. In context these can refer to “The Holy Spirit” (a distinct person of the Trinity to Jesus), the “nature and disposition of Jesus/The Father”, etc.

The rest do not show anything other than It is the “Spirit” that lives within us. None of these verses show that Jesus and the Spirit are one.

Ironically, the FER teaches that there is a Trinity; Father, Son, Spirit, but that the Spirit and Jesus are one.. which makes it not a trinity at all. Mental. Joel L Watts mental. 😛


I also found this, from a previous email with “the scholar”, to give you some more background:

Geoff, Please peruse Jesus’ words in John 16. Jesus did not say “another”; in 16:7 Jesus says that He will return to the Father God; and that He will send the “He” — “the Comforter.” Who is that? Jesus explains in 16:13 that He is “The Spirit of Truth” and “He will guide you into All Truth” – into God the Universal Father. Note that The Spirit of Truth is not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the source (with the Son) of all life and all mind levels on earth; the Spirit of God is mentioned in Gen 1 – on.  Technically, the Holy Spirit is She, God the Son is He and God the Father is He. The word for the Holy Spirit is feminine in the Bible.

Before I go more into the next part of your one paragraph, I should state that our Christ is an Eternal, Paradise-level Creator Son of God Who was always Coordinate Deity and One with God the Universal Father on infinite Paradise. “Let US “Elohim”(plural Deity)” make mankind in OUR own image. Our Creator Father-Son Christ came out from timeless and spaceless Eternal Paradise about 450 billion years ago and started creating our local universe which will have ten million human inhabited worlds when completed in this first Supreme-level age –aka the Grand Universe epoch —  of maybe one trillion years total. God did not give our Master Jesus Christ full Deity Power and full Father-Son-Spirit Presence to all humans and beings until Jesus Christ Incarnated as Creator Son of God and Completed His Life here also as all Spirit-perfected Son of Man here on Earth, and all in/as One perfect Divine-Human Eternal Personality. (Our Creator Father Jesus Christ is infinitely far above being limited now to being in a gross 6ft 200lb physical body ! No beds and no toilets are needed on any of the higher Heavens; and certainly not on infinite, eternal Paradise ! How could Jesus instantly go into millions of stars (suns) and adjust its 35 million degree interior fusion process if He were still in a body of flesh ? How could his (as you allege) “two human ears” hear all the prayers of (roughly) seven billion/world X 10 million worlds = seven million billion or seven quadrillion or 7 X 10 to the 15th power different humans and beings, and instantly change each prayer/request/worship to the best instant Spirit forms to be shared with the Universal Father-Infinite I AM …IF Jesus Christ were just now using a limited human body ??  Read in the Bible where Jesus came back to earth in a higher Spirit-soul form to many humans after Jesus’ physical death by crucifixion for about 50 days before then making his Spirit Ascent back to the Universal Father on Paradise, receiving ALL the Power and Fullness of God to us in His/our local universe; and sending Himself (and God) flooding down upon ALL humans on earth as the One Holy Father-Son-Spirit of Truth to eternally Lead and Guide us  here and forevermore into All Truth: GOD. Read where this briefly returning, resurrected (by Himself as He said !) Jesus Christ camke out of the tomb and said “Touch Me not” ( as He only was made to look as a physical human to not scare or confuse most humans) Later Jesus in this temporary Spirit-soul-body looking form (actually 7 soul forms, instantly changeable by Jesus) came right through a locked door made of “solid” wood ! (all matter here is actually mostly empty space on the sub-atomic level)


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28 Replies to “The Urantia Book and the Nature of Jesus”

  1. We looked at the Trinity in College last week. Amazing how many different beliefs there are. There is a Michelangelo painting that shows the Trinity as a vertical hierarchy, with the Father at top, Holy Spirit at the bottom, Jesus in the middle with Mary and Joseph flanking him.

  2. Gez,

    In orthodox Christianity, there are not “many beliefs”, one must be careful that one does not slide into one of the heresies.

    There is one divine essence, manifested in 3 persons; Father, Son, Spirit. The early Church councils were, I think, quite clear.

  3. Goeff, thanks. I just used the wrong words and should have said depiction rather than belief for the painting.

  4. Huh. Well admittedly I haven’t had my full pot of coffee this morning, but is the Trinity monotheistic, or not? If it is monotheistic, aren’t Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God, to be understood as one?

  5. Anna,

    I’m not sure you’re phrasing the question correctly.
    One might argue that if God is one (monotheistic) then how can God be a trinity?
    But yes, we understand the Father, Son, and Spirit to share the one essence.

    I think of it like this:
    God is timeless and omnipresent, should “all” of God enter creation He would cease to be timeless and omnipresent (because in creation He would be somewhere and some-when).
    So, God manifests himself in creation “somewhere and some-when” in 3 forms, the creator(Father), the Word (son) and the Power (spirit). All three are part of God, sharing the same divine timeless/omnipresent “source” but are different distinct persons from each other.
    If you take a piece of cake mix and turn it into a cupcake for your child, it is still “cake” – just in a form your child can manage.

    The debate in this case is; Does Jesus exist in bodily form, or is he “the Spirit”. The FER says “He is Spirit” – but Christianity says otherwise.

    1. My children would dearly have loved to manage a whole cake, but I never let them. 😉

      I don’t disagree with the way you think of the Trinity. Having not read the Urantia book, though, I could see that it might be confusing when Christians say they believe in one God.

      I suppose my question is this: Jesus no longer exists in bodily form among us, correct? So what form is He in now, then? I find the post-resurrection biblical accounts confusing; sometimes He seems like a ghost, moving through walls. And then He ascends. And then we get into Him being seated at the right hand of the Father. I have a hard time thinking that God literally, bodily, is seated and has a right hand. I also have a hard time thinking that Jesus has a body, right now. Certainly when people tell me they felt the living presence of Jesus they do not mean a man materialized in front of him. So I can see how it would be confusing.

  6. Hi Anna

    Yes, it could be/is confusing… even after getting a theological degree it took me a long time to get it clear in my own head. ALot of reading, studying, discussing, etc..
    Anyway, the simple answer is that in “orthodox” Christianity (what I call orthodox is probably better referred to as “conservative, confession based), the belief is that Jesus is Human and Divine. He did and still does possess a fully human body. In all the post resurrection accounts Jesus was “there” – in body, behaving like he had a body (eating, drinking, touching, etc). In fact, the Apostle Paul says;
    1Ti 2:5 For there is one God and one intermediary between God and humanity, Christ Jesus, himself human..
    This implies that the Apostle thinks Jesus is still human. And in fact, the hope we have is that one day we will inherit HUMAN resurrection bodies just as he did.

    ps, we dont know how Jesus got into a locked room, but it is unlikely he was like a Ghost and passed through the walls. A more likely explanation is the doors unlocked for him.. just as the chains fell off the prisoners in Acts.

    1. Well, I’m just starting my theological degree so my head is very nicely muddled these days. 🙂

      Thinking out loud here: The Apostle Paul never reports encountering Jesus in a human body. Jesus came to him as a disembodied voice and a blinding light, and that is also, I believe, the earliest account of the resurrected Jesus that we have. Also in Corinthians Paul talks about resurrection into a different sort of body, a spiritual body; or so I understand it — he’s affirming something that’s not like the Greek notions of an immortal soul separable from the body, and something that’s not like resuscitation, either.

      1. Anna,

        That’s not entirely correct. Paul refers to more than 500 people who have seen Jesus, as well as Peter, etc. The end of John’s gospel has many visitations of the resurrected Jesus in it. They are generally considered good evidence and historically reliable. And they confirm Jesus was “human”.

        Paul’s use of “Spiritual” and “Flesh” in the passages you refer to refer to a “principle” rather than the physical make up. Sounds like you are going to have some fun studying all this. Just one word of advice, some things are non-negotiable, like the need for salvation through Christ on the Cross. Alot of other stuff can be held on to quite lightly.

        1. Oh, I’m not denying Jesus was human, but I do think he had some unusual abilities in that post-Resurrection body! And yes, I am looking forward to delving into this deeply.

          And as a Lutheran, our theology is all about the cross and our utter dependence on God’s grace. I wouldn’t be going to seminary if I did not think that was so! 🙂

  7. The Problems are noted,Gez.

    Jesus cannot be both the Son and the spirit. There are at least two passages of scripture that place ‘ ownership ‘ of the spirit to the Father, and to the Son, Jesus ( Romans 8:9,8:11)

    The Father and the Son are clearly distinct persons/beings. It is by the spirit that the Father and the Son dwell within the believer (John 14:23) Moreover Jesus was conceived (placed) in Mary’s womb by the spirit of God ( Matthew 1:20 Luke 1:34,35).


    How is it possible that that which proceeds from the Father,and from the Son according to scripture and creed,also be a THIRD person or distinct being?

    Hope that you do not mind the question


  8. Hi Seroled, I think you answered your own question. You said “Jesus cannot be both the Son and Spirit”. Therefore the Spirit must be a distinct third person of the Trinity – which is why they are a trinity and not a Dinity (see what I did with that?).

  9. Anna,

    Lutheran, eh? Oh well, we wont hold that against you. I can recommend Stephen Westerholm as a great Lutheran scholar 😛

    Dang it, I meant binity! heh.

    1. Geoff, you . . . you mean . . . do you mean to tell me, you’re NOT Lutheran?!

      I will pray for you . . . 😉


      Thanks for the Westerholm recommend, I will check him out!

    1. Of course it does. And God’s grace counts even more. Thanks for an enjoyable discussion; I have a very sweet neighbor who is a Uriantian? Urantiaist? so it was interesting to see this topic come up.

    1. No, he is not named Dave, and he doesn’t mention Jesus. He talks about Urantia.

      And since I like this person but have an unreasonable prejudice against theologies that feature planets — either with humans becoming divine enough to acquire their own planets, or divine beings coming to us with revelations from other planets — I just say, “Hmmmm.”

  10. Anna,
    Its really nothing new. They are really just the precursors to the Ancient Alien theorists that feature on history channel and natgeo etc.
    This is why I picked this particular topic to disagree with them on. To them, Jesus is not “God” – but “a god” (a divine alien). They talk about divine trinity, and so forth, but its all confused and illogical. Yet they maintain that the FER is a higher revelation than the Bible.

    The reason for this of course is, that it was written by a 1930’s scientist. from a whacked out sect of the SDA, and its “theology” reflects this.
    It wouldnt surprise me if William Sadler is looking on from whatever plane of existence he has, laughing his head off at the idiots.

    1. Well, I am a simple soul and I have a hard enough time dealing with one planet, so as a matter of policy I don’t do theologies that do planets. No enlightened aliens coming to this planet, no enlightened Earthers getting to rule other planets; I just don’t do theologies that do planets.

      This rules out a surprising number of religions.

      Come to think of it, I’m kind of biased against enlightenment, too . . .

  11. P.S. Geoff — I cancelled cable years ago when I was too lazy to police the channels for the kids.

    I cannot believe the history channel and nat geo (national geographic?????) are featuring ancient alien theorists. Do they have a foreboding-sounding voiceover guy to flack the shows?

  12. nope, they use pretty much the same guy – Mike Rowe. Or someone similar. They also have a gazillion ghost hunter shows, and “archaeology disproves the bible” shows.

    The irony of the ancient aliens shows and UFO shows is they pretty much disprove themselves. It’s pretty funny.. all these dudes with PHD’s saying stuff like: “there is no way we could carve stone like that today…” – yeah because you are a crap stone mason, and 10000 yrs ago their lives pretty much depended upon it.. so they were pretty dang good at it.

  13. Yes, seen a few documentaries on that.

    The issue with that site is that it appears that the carvings were “etched” (the stone looks melted, like it was heated or eaten by a chemical).
    “There is no way they had the technology”, they said.. well, since the stuff exists, obviously they did..

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