The Titus-Timothy hypothesis

First, I am generally conservative when it comes to biblical authorship. Because of this, I assume that the reason that the Pastorals received such traction in the early church was because someone could trace it back to Paul and not merely Pauline circles. Second, I like to know what the ‘other side’ is saying, exploring those theories to either affirm or mold my own view points.

Richard Fellows has a post up on the (previously unknown to me) Titus-Timothy hypothesis which states that these two people mentioned in Acts are the same person (giving that one is a Latin name and the other a Greek). He goes on to state that if proven true, it helps to solidify several historical points in Acts, although it sacrifices any historical idea that Paul had a hand in the Pastorals.

You can find his post here:

Paul and co-workers: A history of the Titus-Timothy hypothesis.

But, given the history of use by of the Pastorals, doesn’t it seems that early on a mention would have been made that Titus and Timothy were the same person, or at the very least, had the possibility of being the same person?

Anyway, it is an interesting theory never the less, and maybe it is possible to affirm both that theory and Pauline authorship of the Pastorals, if dates of the two letters were adjusted….

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5 Replies to “The Titus-Timothy hypothesis”

  1. Thanks for your interest in the hypothesis. As I mentioned, it seems that he largely dropped the name “Titus” quite early, so it is not surprising that people did not realize that Titus was Timothy. I’ll try to expand on this in a future blog post. It is a natural human tendency to think of two people when reading two names. As early as the second century there were those who assumed that Cephas and Peter were different people in spite of the explicit scriptural counter-evidence.

    1. The Cephas/Peter issues still isn’t settled for some folks, I believe, but I do get your point. I look forward to your future blog posts.

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