The Thaw has completely changed my perspective on Christianity in America

You all have to watch this. Absolutely watch this:

Christianity is being frozen out of the American public square. It is time for a THAW! This is a call to teens across America to “join us” at Reach America to bring Christ back to America!

Anyone else find it completely ironic the comments are disabled for the video?

This is about privilege. Note the one minority in the film, but beyond that, check out the parts where people are upset for getting picked on.

Also, the stuff at the beginning, yeah, pants on fire lies. The pledge issue – yeah… My kids will no say the pledge and the pledge wasn’t said until a Socialist wrote it anyway.

And yes, the Church used to be the center of the community  — well, smaller, hegemonic communities. maybe they still are in some parts. This wasn’t law, this wasn’t rule, this was due to social situations.

Watch the language, but this post deconstructs the out and out lies of this video.


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4 Replies to “The Thaw has completely changed my perspective on Christianity in America”

  1. Christianity did it to itself by becoming too focused on telling everyone else how to manage their affairs while not setting a good example. After a while, folks simple get tired of sanctimonious hypocrisy in high places.

  2. Drab clothes, awful haircuts, and shocking ignorance. If this is what U.S. schools produce, I’m glad I’m a Canadian.

  3. One of my favorite parts was the ending. Once the ice has melted and the cross has finally “thawed,” the cross itself topples over. What does that say about what these kids (and the adults behind them, obviously writing their propagandized speech) are trying to accomplish with the video?

  4. I’m from Australia and we saw this clip and immediately had the impression that US teens are far dumber than ours. Yes, this clip makes US teens look like the most stupid idiots on the planet.
    Having to provide a level playing field in public schools for all religions is oppression, PLEEEZ, spare the world from these idiotic losers. If those youth could understand how we see them, they’d suicide and raise the average intelligence of the US.

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