The Testament of Solomon 17 and Mark 5.1-20

King Solomon in Old Age (1Kings 4:29-34)
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Just some quick work on my exegesis of Mark 5.1-20. I sorta think that maybe v1-13 is the story and v.14-20 is the preaching of it. More on that later, I guess.

And I commanded another spirit to appear to me. And there came a spirit of shadowy human form having glowing eyes. And I asked him, saying: “Who are you?”

He Said: “I am a lecherous spirit of a giant human who died in the slaughter in the time of the giants.”

And I said to him: “Tell me what you practice upon the earth and where you have a dwelling.”

He said to me: “My dwelling is in desolate places. My activity is this: I sit near dead men in the tombs and at midnight I assume the form of the dead and if I seize someone, immediately I kill him with the sword. And if I am not able to kill (him), I make him demonized and chew up his fleshly parts and make the juice of his jowls to flow downward.”

I said to him: “Fear the God of heaven and of earth tell me by what angel are you thwarted?”

He said to me: “The one who is about to descend as Savior thwarts me, whose element is in the forehead. If someone will write (it), he thwarts me and rebuked I turn away from him quickly. This is the sign of the cross.”

Having heard these things, I Solomon locked up the demon just as also the other demons. (TS1 17:1-5 OPE)

Doubtful that this actually has any real connection to Mark, unless maybe Mark influenced this section…

The pseudepigraphon is either a Jewish composition which was eventually reworked by a Christian (so Conybeare, pp. 11f.; Frey, col. 455; Ginzberg, Legende, vol. 6, p. 292; B. M. Metzger, no. 1365) or a Christian writing which incorporated some Jewish material (McCown, pp. 108f.). Clearly Christian passages are found in sections 54, 65, and 122 (cf. 71 and 104). These passages emphasize the cross and virgin birth.

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