The Silence of God

“My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” (Mar 15:34 NLT)


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9 Replies to “The Silence of God”

  1. Joel,

    Just to confuse this a little bit, I’ve been reading one of Lamsa’s books on Aramaic idioms used in scripture and…..

    …in one of the additional chapters, he puts forth the idea that “Why have you forsaken/abandoned me” is incorrect. He says it’s more accurately translated as “for this I was kept”, meaning “this is my destiny, I was born for this”.

    He makes 2 claims to back up this assertion:
    1) If he meant “forsaken”, he would have used the word “nashatani” which means “forsaken me” instead of “shabacktani” which means “kept me”.

    2) Those from Galilee who followed Jesus would never have believed that Jesus said God had forsaken him because he taught them the whole world would forsake them, but their Father would be with them.

    Interesting, eh?

    1. I have the same book. I wonder if Mark would have disagreed?

      Have you gotten a chance to check out Black’s book on the Aramiac issue of the Gospels? I don’t have it within reach, but I’ll check out this verse when I get home

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