The Search Feature with BibleWorks 8

This is part of a rolling review of BibleWorks 8.

One of the features of BW8 is the search function. You can limit your search function to just one translation, or several translations, or the entire library of that language.

The first image is the BW Start Screen, with my Editor fully optimized (I’ll cover that later). The second image is the search results, in English, for the word Messiah. You will note that along with different English Bible Translations, you find the Targums and other works, such as various sets of NT Apocryphas. This aids in studying the word from various angles in theological history. The last image is the search results, this time from Greek translations for the word Christos.

Why is this important? Well, for one, it allows you to see extra-biblical uses of the word that you are working with. Word in the Greek New Testament, such as Christ, Messiah, Church, Word, etc…, were not dropped from heaven, They were words common to the theological groups connected to the Apostles.

Take the Greek word, λόγος logos. John’s use of it is still debated, concerning the origin of it. Many assume that John and Philo, a 1st century Hellenist Jew, were of the same mind. So, I search λόγος in the Greek library, and come up with a good deal for Philo. In my display box, I choose the English translation of Philo:

BW Logos Search
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On the left hand side, you will note the ‘concordance’ of each time that the word has appeared in Philo. (Note, λόγος can be translated a variety of ways) In the middle, is the Greek version with the English translation. On the right hand side is various items, such as the editor, version info, etc…

So, I can now read Philo’s use of the word λόγος and compare it to John’s.
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