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9 Replies to “The real #atheist agenda ”

  1. The history of Christianity reveals two intertwined and disturbing trends. One is a gnawing need to feel superior. The second is finding some enemy with whom to do battle. The result is often a rather childlike response to the perceived threat posed by nonbelievers or those merely believing differently.

    Thus, it matters little that atheism and Satanism are totally distinct belief systems. It only matters that “they” are the “enemy.”

    1. Wait a minute. I thought the rapture was suppose to happen first. Goodbye Joel! You’ll be gone in about 8 hours. New blog title suggestion: “Unsettled 144,000.”

      BTW, probably more interesting. NASA is suppose to reveal new info on Mars tomorrow. I bet either water confirmed, or life confirmed (primitive). Anything less will be disappointing. Or maybe, just maybe, they discovered an old jar full of apocrypha on Mars. I hope it is the Gospel of Thomas, since Mars would have been a much better location than India.

    2. For some reason, the end of the world seems to fascinate people.

      Then, there are lunatics in every generation disposed to think it will occur in their lifetime. The really stupid ones go about telling everyone.

      Of course, the predicted time passes. Still, even when they’re proved wrong, they attract followers. Among the more notable in the United States have been Seventh-day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

      In fact, given the historical record and global reach of end beliefs, it almost seems to be impossible to have a religion without also having some form of doomsday prediction to keep the gullible serving the priests in the interim.

          1. For Camping, it was the end of time. 2012, stroke, dead. In one way, he was right. He bit the dust. He missed his 1988 prediction. But now, dead is dead. Wait long enough, and we are all dead. Just not quite so universal. Just individually dead.

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