The Real Associated Producers, LTD – An ax to grind?

I just posted something, but the Associated Producers was the wrong associated producers. My bad. I apologize. I also have removed it. So, I’ve recovered what I could…

I’ve had to stay out of the main story for a while due to lots of things, and frankly, I’m not an archaeologist (See, $imcha, that really is an easy thing to say). But, it seems that the Documentary by Tabor and Simcha is made by Associated Producers (I wanted to capitalize the first three letters, by my wife won’t let me).

What? Who cares… at least they go it made…

Anyway, they have produced, what the looks of it, nearly EVERYTHING Simcha has done. They have supported all of his stuff, from Exodus Decoded to the James the Brother of Jesus to the Naked Archaeologist. Of course… they should, right? I mean he seems to be connected to the organization. He owns the organization:

Twelve years ago, Jacobovici and his coproducer, Elliott Halpern, founded Associated Producers, a documentary film company. Together they have produced 15 feature-length documentaries and reaped more than 60 awards, including the 1996 and 1997 Emmys for outstanding investigative journalism for The Plague Monkeys, about the Ebola virus outbreak in Zaire, and The Selling of Innocents, about the child sex trade in India. Jacobovici’s best-known film to date, 1991’s Deadly Currents, about the Arab-Israeli intifada, won a Genie for best feature-length documentary.

Nicole, someone who works for the group, has taken to the ‘net to defend and defame. You can find two comments she has left at Dr. Cargill’s blog here and here where they are defending $imcha and defaming actual Scholars. I’m not sure I would take their opinion seriously, however, as it seems about on the level of a porn producer calling the finest poets who have expressed the deepness of human love over the course of humanity dullards.

I mean, look how they describe the ‘biblical archaeologist’ above or how they have discovered the face of Jesus.

See Dr. Goodacre’s post as well.

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4 Replies to “The Real Associated Producers, LTD – An ax to grind?”

  1. I don’t know much about Cargill, but my reading and listening to Goodacre leads me to think him to be a very nice person who would not slander even by accident.

  2. Associated Press (AP) the real one vs Associated Producers (AP) … on par with the Naked Archaeologist vs the Naked Chef, the latter actually a chef. Looks a bit suspicious, or just a coincidence?

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