The Re-Definition of Marriage: A View From Africa

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Puzzling, isn’t it? More and more Africans are looking to the Bible to define marriage as one man and one woman at a time when Muslims and some tribal activists are defending polygamy. Meanwhile some American politicians and thin-skinned religious leaders want to redefine marriage as two men or two women—and a growing number of Americans agree with this agenda.

One culture is moving forward and the other is moving backward, depending on how you define progress. In Africa, where indigenous Christianity is growing, the church is looking to the Bible to transform society. Here in our country, the Bible and its values are mocked in the public square while many Christians avoid the marriage debate so they won’t offend anyone.

There is something terribly wrong with this picture.

The Re-Definition of Marriage: A View From Africa.

Is their a difference in holding to a view and demanding that the laws be changed in a country to reflect your view points? Do the laws protect anything, or define anything?

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10 Replies to “The Re-Definition of Marriage: A View From Africa”

  1. I’m actually opposed to changing laws in either case, Joel. The legal marriage contract is almost entirely about property transfer, and nothing to do with the church, so I think it’s silly to argue that two people of the same sex can’t have a similar property transfer contract. I’m not familiar with how law applied to polygamy, but I don’t think changing the law will affect the way polygamists marry, unless they are now legally allowed to marry without consent (which I feel should not be legal anyway). I’d come down on the side of the law not defining anything.

    1. I’d come down on the side of the law not defining anything.

      I almost agree with you. Laws rarely add sacredness to anything.

      Mainly, this is a conversation starter, as I noted in my questioning.

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