The Rapture will take place in 2012

I would seriously be scared, you know, if I didn’t know what the bible says, didn’t have common sense, and didn’t know Jack’s record on biblical prophecy and his ingenious schemes for making money.


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213 Replies to “The Rapture will take place in 2012”

  1. That is just like that guy , I cannot remember his name, that said on October 11 Washington DC was gonna be nuked, mmmmmm was it? False Prophet

    1. year and month sir.Research for yourself.Research and take notes on Van Impe like I did and found out I was wrong.But true.God Himself knows even the year.

  2. Wait … 42 is the answer?

    Oh, man, I love it!

    (That’s “The Hitch-Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy,” for those who don’t know.)

    Christian/Mayan/comedy sci-fi flavored blasphemy, anyone?

    1. T.C., I’m not sure that I’ve ever thought that I’ve thrown up … I’m usually pretty sure.

      (With apologies to everyone for actually making this comment!)

  3. No one knows the day or the hour, not the Son but His Father only. If 2012 comes and goes without the rapture, then Jack Van Impe is a false prophet, plain and simple. We, as Christians, can know the season, however, and by judging the events lining up around the world that tie directly to scripture, I do believe we’re in the season. But the Lord is patient, not wanting any to perish.

  4. what’s bizarre to me is this guy has been proven wrong SO many times, but still manages to convince some folks to support him with $$$. A false prophet garning profit.

    1. do your own homework and you will see it all in the media that he is not lying.Just like I did.Study to show yourself approved.Remember that verse.

    1. Do you have any FACTS to prove there is nothing to 2012? Van Impe seems to have the facts.Read the news papers, net, about current world events.

      1. Actually, Rob, it is now credible suggested that the estimation of 2012 is wrong, and as a matter of fact, we may have missed the Mayan 2012 by a few hundred years due to faulty translation. Van Impe is still a charlatan

  5. Jack Van Impe is no false prophet. If you knew your bible, Jesus said noone knows the day or the hour, not the year…there is a difference. Jack never says that 2012 is definately the year anyway. He was giving a scenerio by calculation Jewish generations and according to those calculations is ended op around 2012. We are commanded by Christ to know and recognize the signs of the times and to study the word to find out as much as we can about these things. Jack Van Impe has spent a lifetime studying the bible and has the better part of it comitted to memory. I’m sure he’d be glad to debate you any time and any place polycarp !

    1. Jon, you tell Jack to bring it on then.

      What Jack is doing is playing to the hype of the movie, trying to make a quick buck off the whole thing – which is his usual game anyway. If you actually believe that Jack is a man of God, well, we should really start at that issues, don’t you think?

      1. Jack doesn’t have control over what’s happening with our weather, verichip implants in humans, (which is in the healthcare bill pgs.1001-1008), lawlessness, and the signs right before our eyes.Use your head.I looked into his studies thinking this guy is a con man trying to make money until I researched him.I looked in Strongs concordance about the mark of the beast etc. and it was right there.Jack wasn’t born in the 1800’s.Try researching before you make any conclusions.Type in verichip implants in humans,, then read rev.13:13,then get Strongs concordance and look in the words character,charagma, chixastigma.

        1. Um, what? First, verichip is not in the healthcare bill as you suppose and Strong’s dictionary is way past being outdated.

          Oh, and most of Revelation is not about the end of the world.

  6. Not only are you judging Van Impe’s motives (which Christ warns not to do). You are judging a lifetime of work starting with his years working with Billy Graham. There is nothing wrong with selling books and tapes to help support his ministry. Even the apostles were support by the church and they preached Christ was coming as well. I’m sure they were also accused of “living off the offerings of the church”. You are like a midget trying to fight a giant.

  7. Polycarp, Mr. Van Impe OFFERS his items for sale to support his ministry. He is not forcing anyone to buy them. That is called the free enterprise system. Obviously, some people appreciate his hours of study and devotion to the bible or else they would not purchase his materials. If he were selling donuts would he be called the evil donut man, selling donuts to further his evil donut kingdom? Mr. Van Impe does not claim to be Christ, he preaches the gospel of Christ and studies the word and presents it to the best of his understanding with God’s help. Again, how can you in direct contradiction to Christ’s teachings judge a person’s motives? What exactly to you feel Mr. Van Impe is gaining from hours upon hours of study and memorization ? If he did not believe in what he was doing it would be very hard for him to show that kind of devotion. I don’t see it !

    1. Jon, when did Christ or His Apostles sell anything? As a matter of fact, the bible says to it was freely received, freely give. Jack’s ‘offering’ is selling. God doesn’t have a free enterprise system for His gifts.

      Some people buy the Book of Mormon and Joel Osteen. So what? Simply because people buy them don’t make the items important.

      Jack, as far as I have seen, has never preached the Gospel of Christ, only make believe notions of the end times, which change from time to time.

      Again, Jon, you don’t quite understand that passage. Or, tell me, should we just let anyone who claims Christ get away with anything? Wrong. As a matter of fact, Christ said to beware of false teachers and Christ. Paul warned us. And you? You need to read your bible again, Jon.

      Jon, you base Jack’s ‘goodness’ on his unseen works. Shame.

      1. In the healthcare bill it does say in pages 1001-1008, that the Microchip implnats in humans will be will be enacted within 36 months of passage.The healthcare bill passed in nov.8th 2009.36 months is 2012 also.Just thought you might want to check that out.You can google it.verichip implants in humans.You will see the link that shows the real healthcare pages that I printed off.Jon please receive Jesus Christ or stop trying to cause division.I am not unaware of his schemes.

    2. Guys, there is nothing you can say to someone who thinks they know more than anyone. He loves to heard himself and see you write to him. It is obvious that he is on a team that I would not want to be on. I feel that I could not be on his team and go to heaven

  8. So you are saying, If Jack Van Impe Ran a donut shop and sold donuts to support himself and preached the gospel without selling books & tapes that would be o.k.? What about preachers who are supported entirely by their churches for preaching, visiting the sick and ministering to the body of Christ, is that wrong also? Jack Van Impe could preach on TV and allow those who desired to just give offerings without books and study materials, but it takes money to produce and publish these materials. If the body of Christ did not buy these materials and there was no demand for them Mr. Van Impe would not be producing them. It seems you are “hung up” on money ,not Jack Van Impe. Money is just something we use here on earth to further the gospel. Churches have light bills, mortgage payments, heating costs etc…TV ministries have to pay for air time, production costs etc… Where is the “Evil” in that ? Further, everything Jack Van Impe preaches about the end times is bible based. Often times he speculates about how things COULD fit in but he never says this is definately the way it will happen. I think most of what he speculates about will turn out to be true. How do you know they are “make beleive” whatif it happens just the way he’s been preaching all these years? By the way, what is you religious affiliation ?

    1. Jon, first, Jack needs to find the real gospel.

      Let me put it to you this way. If Jack was a tentmaker and made tents to support the ministry, then I would buy tents from him – if he was preaching the right Gospel. Further, if a preacher was preaching right, I would do freely give. You forget Proverbs 23.23 and and yet to answer with biblical allowances for Jack’s behavior.

      Nothing Jack has ever said has come true. Further, he makes direct prophecies. When these are proven false, and they have been, you should cease to follow him. Jack is a false prophet, seeking nothing but a name and gold. Look at what the bible says about supporting ministry, and it has nothing to do with buying their wares.

      1. So what is the “true gospel “according to you? Jack Van Impe preaches Christ was cruicified for our sins and only through him salvation is possible. If he wanted to get rich quick he would be preaching the easy, no conviction health & wealth gospel. He doesn’t. He makes no excuses for sin. End time events just happen to be his area of expertise, his calling if you will. Name one time when Mr. Impe has stated something about a future event as absolute fact, not “food for thought” or “possibilities” but absolute fact and been wrong. I don’t think you can. Name a “direct prophecy,” not conjecture or study material or possible outcomes, but him claiming “this is a direct message from God”. You can’t .Further churches sell things all the time, yard sales, youth fund raisers, stained glass windows, pews, bake sales. The bible doesn’t mention those either.Are they all money hungry reprobates? You still have not revealed your affiliation.

        1. Jon, you have yet to answer the biblical passages quoted against selling the talents of God. Why don’t you do that before you attempt to go any further.

  9. How does the Bible define a “false prophet”? And what is the penalty for being one? Deuteronomy 18:20-22 has the answer:

    “20 But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in my name that I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die.’ 21 And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the Lord has not spoken?’— 22 when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him.”

    According to the Bible, Van Impe, Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson and all other dispensational date-setters are false prophets because they have made prophecies which they claimed were revealed to them by God in a dream or vision or some other extra-biblical means. And according to Scriptures, they must be put to death.

    1. I wouldn’t advocate stoning them in the OT fashion, but exclusion and calling them out, I would. And yes, all of those are false prophets. Those and more….

      1. Lest I myself will be condemned, of course, “stoning” was just to make the point that being a false prophet and false teacher is a very serious offense against the name of God. And yes, many have called them to repent every time they make a false prophecy, but none of them have repented. They should then be excluded from whatever church they belong to (if they belong to any church).

        1. I figured as much, DVO. I believe that we must take strong stands against those who would pervert the name of Christ for material gain of any kind.

  10. The bible clearly states that the “gifts of the spirit” i.e prophecy, tongues & interpretation, words of knowledge etc… are to be in operation in the church as they were in the days of the apostles. After Christ’s death the apostles continued to heal the sick through their prayers, speak words of wisdom etc… I do beleive in “closed revelation” but I do beleive we can receive “light” on what has already been given as the preachers you named do as well. The bible also states that in the last days “your young men shall dream dreams and your old men shall see visions” . How do you know the Holy Spirit did not give them insight into certain scriptures or events? When did any of the preachers you named say that definately any event would happen in the future which contradicts the word of God? They have suggested, shared their knowledge, given possible scenarios but they have never said they knew by divine revelation that such and such would happen exactley this way or that unless it is already revealed by scripture.

    1. So, Jon, you jump over all the arguments that have been presented to try and create another front? Honestly, don’t you see how skewed your view is?

      No one has said that the gift of prophecy has ended. What I am saying is that when these people make false prophecies, they are then false prophets. They further would seek material gain for themselves. Their ‘knowledge’ has all been shown as lies, and thus they are speak vulgar things about God Above.

      Try to stay on target, Jon.

      1. I have asked you to give even one example of any of these men giving false prophecies. Jack Van Impe took the number of years stated in the bible and divided by what a Jewish generation was and it came out to around 2012. He never says this is definately the year. It is “according to this scenario”. He clearly states “it comes out to around 2012”. He was obeying Christ’s command to know the times and the seasons and the command to “study to show yourself approved”. Grant Jeffrey has written extensively about the cycles in the bible and how important events in the history of the Jews has fallen on important Jewish feast days just as Christ’s own death fell on passover by God’s providence. Jack Van Impe beleives that when the Jews took control of Jerusalem, the prophetic timeclock resumed ticking. This is in line with Christ’s statement about the budding of the fig tree which represents the Jews again taking Jerusalem.

          1. I looked over some of those materials and he qualifies his statements with “I beleive” ,”Could” ,”May” etc…. I have said to my wife and family “I beleive the Lord will return in the next few years” or “We may not be here next year”. Does that make me a false prophet ?

        1. The most common modus operandum of false prophets: “Did I really say that? I didn’t say that.” Then if one of their generic false prophecies, e.g., “There will be a terrorist attack on the United States” (any 5th grader can predict that), come true, then they will say, “See, I was right!”
          This is like Sata saying to Eve, “Did God really say that?” (I’m gonna get in trouble here.)

  11. I don’t honestly know Jack’s heart. But I have learned alot about the Bible from his ministry. But if I had to take a wild guess if Jack was a true man of God and Jesus Christ would accept him into heaven – I WOULD SAY THAT’S A BIG YESSIREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Polycarp, was reading through the posts here,.. I’d have to side with Jon. Jack isn’t perfect but I’ve never heard him set an exact date for the Lords return…? I’ve watched tons of his vids over the years. He is very knowledgeable and willing to adjust his views even as he learns more which is very humble of him. God wants us to be watching for his return, I don’t think there is anything wrong with looking for His return and being excited about it and postulating about it. No person is perfect let along Christians, yet I’ve never seen any thing convincing disproving Jack cause he doesn’t make those kinds of claims that you can go to the bank with. He’s just making educated guesses. You should look at your preconceived notions first and as Jack to clarify some of your questions. He responds, i’ve emailed him once or twice.

    1. Micah, the ‘out’ for any of these false prophets is the ‘educated guess’ which is why we are commanded to keep our conversation simple – yes and no, that type of thing. Further, his ‘educated guesses’ are disguised as sound biblical interpretation and even prophecy, which makes one false.

  13. every single prophecy besides the total destruction of damascus before the rapture has already happened you see all these prophacies come together in one generaton you know that the rapture is near many will go to and fro and knowlede will increase you dont want to except the fact that this is the last generation.every 25,800 yrs the earth becomes simoltanious with the sun and a black hole in the center of the milky way galaxy on december 21 2012 the 25,800 yrs will be up and this will create catastropic events that will destroy a third of man kind it talks about them in revelation how the seven seals will be broken and gods wrath will pour out upon un godly men (natural disasters) god will not let his people go through that (those who have faith in jesus) so you are right the rapture will not happen december 21 2012 it will happen sometime before

  14. you guys are idiots daniel went by the lunar calender not the solar the lunar is about 12 years behind.the year 2,000 is almost 2,000 years behind christ there is 4,000 years from adam to jesus and 2,000 years from jesus to second peter it says one day to God is a thousand years to us and a thousand years as one day god resored the earth in 6 days and rested on the seventh.the calender started from adam 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 in 2012 or maybe even 11 or 13 is the beginning of the mellenium the thousand year reign of christ on earth also (the sabbath) (day of rest )god rested on the seventh day and so will you .(You were made a creator made in the image and likeness of God).We are the only species on earth that can acknowledge that there is a god and communicate with him.

  15. And, while you are correct about Daniel and the Calender, Peter's use of 1000 years is a bit off. Some need to understand numbers in Greek in Hebrew. It is not meant to be literal.

  16. It talks about in the bible how the antichrist will rise and bring peace to the nations and make a contract with israel offering them peace for seven years .Right now obama is trying to split israel in half and give half their nation to a nation without land this is going to cause israel to say ok screw the u.s our only ally and go with the most powerful nation europe. this is a sign alone.
    In the bible it says god will bring his people that he has scattered omong the nations back to their home land israel .In 1948 israel became its own nation agian and now in this day millions are going back to their home land.In revelation chapter 6 the seals of god it talks about the cosmic disturbances maybe you should read that .You are what god wuld call a fool polycarp you are an antichrist so maybe you should put a little bit more sense into some of the things you sam supposedly this and supposedly that well let me tell you what you dont know anything about the bible .

  17. peter james jon and andrew were fisher man they sold fish thats how they made a living .matthew was a tax collector paul was a tent maker sold tents.where do you get in your head none of the deciples ever sold anything?

  18. Hhahahaha. That's funny. Silly, tried, tired, but still funny. I bet they said the same thing when Carter worked his peace deal because I know they said the same thing when Clinton was working his.

    Israel is not our ally.

    Further, in 1948, nothing happened biblical. That 'prophecy' was only about 50 years old, right around the time that Zionism first reared its head. The regathering started at Pentecost. God is not interested in political boundaries created by man.

    Jonathon, I am pretty sure the only thing you know about the bible is what you have read in Jack Chick tracts, but that is besides the point. This hyperdispensationalism is only a hundred or so years old, finding no evidence in Church history. If you read the earliest interpretations of Revelation, they are starkly different than the pop theology being sold today. Further, for the most part, each major cultural change since the inception of the Church has resulted in eschatological paranoia, much like what you are portraying right now. You inability to connect the seals to what they are supposed to be, namely the sixth seal is the Crucifixion of Christ, shows that you take Revelation far too literally.

    Granted, most people can handle these discussions without resulting to name calling and insults, even if they wholeheartedly disagree. There are a few essentials, I believe, and then there are those things which we may speculate upon, such as eschatology. If you cannot do so without insults, you shouldn't do it period.

  19. A Christian Response to 2012

    2012 events is not about Religion. Its about spirituality. We are spirits and we create all our illusory realities.

    The religion tell us to pray to God for forgiveness for our sins (dark illusory realities) and if we don't God will condemn us to hell fire. That is false. The churches have become so corrupt with sex scandals, money laundering and fear tactics that it is hard to rely on churches. The bible has been indoctrinated that most portion claiming God is a destructive God and Jesus will fly through the skies to save us from our dark illusions we continue to create as Christan's – all points to fear tactics and lies. Do the maths!

    God is a spirit and light energy. Light energy attracts and does not destroy. Only dark energy destroys. Therefore God does not destroy.

    Humans create their dark illusory energies/realities/karmas and are responsible for their actions. If they dwell in dark energy, the dark energy will destroy them and if they dwell in light energy, the light energy will take them to the path of ascension (return to the light/God).

    Our ultimate goal is to return to the light (God) and the ascension process is through dimensions. We are currently in 3/4 dimension and moving to 5th dimension.

    2012 is not a doom and gloom like most people think.. Its a change of a cycle (5th dimension) which is already ongoing. A new cycle begins in 2012. The Mayas, Religion, and Scientists knew about it so its not a secret even though that portion was removed from the bible. Those who choose to ascend will move to 5D and those who choose not to ascend will leave the earth to a place the can continue to evolve in a 3D setting. God does not destroy anyone. Its Universal law of free will and choice.

    Ascension is all about consciousness, frequency and vibration. It not about creating dark realities, recycling dark illusions or constantly partaking in duality and waiting for a Saviour (Jesus) and fearing a destroyer.(God) to judge and sort out the good or bad.

    Earth is currently vibrating at high frequency and any human not vibrating at the same frequency would find it hard to remain on earth in 2012 and would have made a choice to leave. The light energy (holy spirit) is already here to assist humans with raising their vibration.

    First, I will say to Christians to forget about Mayas, 2012, conspiracy theories, predictions and new age stuff. Also, forget about religious dogmas (sin, evil, devil, Satan etc). All these are words created by Religion to keep humanity in state of fear and panic so you pay more tithe and offerings to the churches. They do exist in a different way that is kept secret from the bible.

    Focus on light energy, God/Jesus representing the light and not a destroyer. The dark representing Lucifer and the destroyer. Illusion such as money, materialism, ego etc as allowed by God to wake us up. Duality as activities we create by combing light and dark energy. We are responsible for the duality/karma we create.

    With that in focus, research about consciousness, frequency, vibration, unconditional love, duality, illusion, dimensions, consciousness, frequency, vibration, spirituality, light energy, dark energy, benevolent/regressive Extra-terrestrials, law of karma, Universal laws, free energy, reincarnation, free will, free choice etc. Ponder why some of these words are missing or banned in our religion and education.

    Once,you have done this, you will get a clear picture of what will happen in 2012, where you stand, what your roles are and where you are going in 2012.

    In addition to this, try to have an open mind about benevolent Extra- terrestrials as they have a role to play in our consciousness. They are not God's or angels but our knowledge about their existence as God's creation helps us in our awakening and consciousness. This is why their existence has been kept secret from humanity.

    If after you have read this and done the research and you still don't feel it is necessary to welcome the fact that 2012 is a new beginning for humanity, and one that is divine by God, then you just wait and see what will transpire in a couple of years but please stop criticising those who have woken up to these facts and are preparing for the coming changes.

  20. No, Jack Van Impe doesn’t really name a date but he does imply 2012 so he is coming close to setting a year if not an actual date. But he and his wife do preach the gospel at the end of their broadcasts so if people come to faith in Christ, despite all of the dribble that comes before in the broadcasts, then good came out of it.

    1. So he doesn’t name a date but comes close to setting a year… yeah, big difference.

      I haven’t heard the Gospel preached from them, just a bunch of lies about the end of the world.

  21. I presume 2012 is very likely , then 7 years of tribulation before Christ returns (2019) .All the signs are certainly there. The wars and rumors of war ,the earthquakes in divers places , the plagues , the famines. All trhe signs are already here.

  22. presume 2012 is very likely , then 7 years of tribulation before Christ returns (2019) .All the signs are certainly there. The wars and rumors of war ,the earthquakes in divers places , the plagues , the famines. All the signs are already here.

  23. I presume 2012 is very likely , then 7 years of tribulation before Christ returns (2019) .All the signs are certainly there. The wars and rumors of war ,the earthquakes in divers places , the plagues , the famines. All trhe signs are already here.

    1. Enrique, you don’t have to post the same comment three times, my friend. Everyone first time commentator is moderated. Thereafter, everyone is okay, presuming that no vanity is present and discourse is kept civil enough

  24. Sorry Joel ,

    Anyway , I think the time has come for all Christians to unite an get busy about the Master’s work . Let the whole world know about repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ . We have seen recently a purging in the church from false prophets secret sins . As for Neduox’ comments about consciousness ,light and darkness ,he needs to repent of sins and recognize Jesus as his Lord and Saviour ,spend more time in prayer and read the Bible more carefully .

      1. Judith is referring to you, Joel. I’ve never met someone who was so childish and immature. Even though you don’t agree with some posts here, it doesn;t mean you have to tear them apart. The rapture will happen whether you believe it or not. Please do not bother responding. I have unsubscribed from this blog. I will not see your response. I don’t even know how I came here to begin with. BTW, Jack Van Impe will be a part of the rapture because he speaks the truth. I will tell you again. There is a rapture and it will be happening very soon. You will believe it when you see millions of people gone one of these days.

        1. Actually, this is my blog. I have it for the purpose of debunking idiotic garb adage such as the raptur. Also, rapture believers are more likely to believe in Santa Claus

  25. i stumbled across this site just to see what veiws there are about the end times. we must surely be close with all the negativity here. christians pointing fingers at each other. brother against brother. what a shame!!! this is why i gave up “organized” religion(lukewarm church’s” MANY have come short of the glory of god. believe that!! everybody stop finger pointing. love one another. that was christ’s main message. what with iran,north korea,russia talking the way they are, the end probably is coming soon.NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OR TIME!!! why bicker about it. pray daily for wisdom. god does give it to you. love and peace to ALL.

  26. Okay, i have been following this ENTIRE conversation and now that it looks like you guys are done arguing, i would like to express my opinion on the subject.
    I am in no way, shape, or form a Bible scholar to any degree, but i am a devoted Christian and have grown up in the church.
    this argument about the 2012 end of the world thing (which i do not believe in) is POINTLESS! I was taught that is does not matter when the world ended. As long as you have a good relationship with Christ, have been born again, and believe that Jesus died on the cross to forgive you of your sins and protect you from the depths of hell and damnation, you shouldn’t care! As long as you are ready to go to Heaven when the Lord Jesus Christ calls you home, you shouldn’t care if the world will end today, tomorrow, on Dec. 21st 2012, in a hundred years, or in a thousand years!
    About the whole rapture discussion; Yes i was taught that there will be a rapture, 7 years of tribulation, and then 1,000 years of peace (knowing that the term ‘1,000 yrs’ means ‘to completion’) and i do believe that it is true. Our God is a loving God who shows mercy on his people. He would not damn people who have not even heard His word or had time to act upon it. It’s just plain unfair, especially to the Jews; his chosen people! He would have to give them time to learn the truth and become saved so that they could go and be with him.
    Now to the part about ‘no man knows the day or hour’ or something like that.. First of all, the Bible says (in different versions) Matthew 24:36 NIV “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”; NLT “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.”; ESV ““But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.”; KJV “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”; ASV “But of that day and hour knoweth no one, not even the angels of heaven, neither the Son, but the Father only.” and many others. They are all saying the same thing: NOBODY knows the DAY or HOUR. it said NOTHING about the month or year, so yes, technically, the rest of 2012 is up for grabs. For that matter, every other second except for Dec. 21, 2012 6:14 A.M e.s.t is up for grabs. (that’s when the exact planetary alignment is supposed to occur).
    On another matter (somewhat on topic) i think polycarp (right?) is the one who said that we missed the Myan calender date by a few hundred years. which i’m, pretty sure is true because there is a really good chance that it was a few hundred years ago because the calender only went for 5 125 year cycles and the Myans were in the 3rd one over 600 years ago when the conquistadors conquered them and for all we know, they could have just died off (which they did) and no one could continue to make the calender, which is why it simply ‘ends’ on the date Dec. 21st, 2012.

  27. Let me also add that JVI will be in the rapture. He has led many souls to Christ over the years. It doesn’t matter who thinks he’s a false prophet. It only matters what God says. Camping was a false prophet for setting dates. Jack speaks directly from the Bible and has studied this book for yeas. He is the most knowledgeable person on the end times subject.

  28. I have financially support JVI for many years. He is human and could be wrong on the Rapture, but there is no better person or Ministry to donate to if you are concerned about souls.

      1. Joel,
        How do you know for certain when even Rapture opponets like the late DJ Kennedy stated that on one can be sure exactly how the End Times will unfold. God sure fooled everyone the last time that Jesus entered our World by being born on an obscure manger in an obscure town in the Middle East, did’nt he??? You owe Jack and his wonderful wife an apology, in my opinion.

        1. Well said, Bill. It doesn’t matter if Joel thinks that JVI is a false teacher. It only matters what God says about man. JVI is right on target and one of these days when the rapture takes place, Joel will be stunned and will realize that Jack and the Bible were correct. Unfortunately, it may be too late for him, but hopefully he will be saved during the Tribulation like millions of others who will realize that the Bible meant what it said.

        2. Bill, Karen, no doubt you two know each other, so one response will suffice for two.

          Kennedy was a civil religious heretic. The End Times have already occurred.

          I know because I can actually read Scripture and do not have to pay .2-bit preacher and his wife to tell me how Jesus is coming back next week but never does.

          I like how Karen puts “Jack and the Bible.” That, my friends, is idol worship.

          1. We don’t know each other. I guess you can say we know each other in spirit and in truth. You are calling true men of God heretics when you are the one who is a heretic. You will remember this conversation very soon when millions of people disappear from this earth. If you read the Bible properly, you will see that this event is at hand. You are fulfilling Bible prophecy which is one of the signs of the end times because Jesus said before He returns, there will be plenty of false teachers. One of these days, you will remember Jack’s words when it actually happens. The rapture still could take place in 2012. Every Christian has an opinion on how soon they think it will happen. I think Jack may be right, but no one knows the day or the hour like the Bible says. All we know is that the time is approaching. Read Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation. It’s all in there. Everything Jack says is right on target.

          2. Karen, I can see the ip addresses and how y’all got here.

            Here’s the thing, the only real harm you guys are doing is to cast disbelieve in others. Further, you waste your time and money on Jackie boy and T-Rex. I guess that’s fine, but the really terrible thing is that you aren’t living as Christians – you are not living fullness.

            Shame, really.

            Poor things…

          3. Joel, I actually love to hear opposing views such as yours and I also actually enjoy debating with agnosyics and atheists. Some of whom are friends and business associtates of mine. Their challenges to my faith cause me to do a healthy re-examinination of my views from time to time and has actually caused my Christian Faith to strengthen, not weaken, as I delve into their atheistic and false claims. However, to call the late DJ Kennedy a heretic is an outrage and I have never heard anyone, Christian, Atheist, other Faith or whatever call this wonderful man such a name. He did so much to fight left wing Groups like the ACLU and others that have sought to destroy our Christian Heritage and you call him a name such as this???

          4. Kennedy believed in the Zodiac, for starters. Second, he sold the Gospel. Third, he believed that civil religion trumped the Gospel.

            Thus, he is a heretic.

  29. Bill, anyone can be wrong on the rapture. There are preachers that say the rapture is imminent and others that think we will still be here a little longer. I personally think we won’t be here for long the way things are moving so rapidly in this world. We have to be taken out so that the 7 year Tribulation period could begin. The important thing is that we be ready.

  30. There is no need to keep on going back and forth like this. If you respond again, I will not even read your post. This is useless and childish. The only time I gave money to Jack is when I bought a book or DVD. It’s interesting that you say that we aren’t living as Christians when the Bible says to share our faith with others and tell them about Jesus’ return. As I said, one of these days you will be shocked when the rapture happens and will see that we were all correct because the Bible is a true book. I just hope you are one of those millions that will be saved during the Tribulation period. Perhaps when you see all the chaos going on and millions of us have disappeared, you’ll then believe. If you haven’t noticed, the chaos has begun in this world. Read Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation. You can’t go wrong. Whether you believe it or not, the rapture will happen. End of discussion!

  31. Craig, like I told Joel, you will believe it when it happens and it’s going to happen whether you believe it or not. You must read a different Bible than we do because our Bible clearly speaks of this event happening.

    1. Oh? Tell me… Karen… where does it speak clearly and why did it take 1900 years for the idea of a rapture to become common place only in a small section of Christianity where the rapture is supposed to happen every other election cycle?

  32. JOEL,
    Dr. DJ Kennedy believed that the stars are laid out among the Heavens in such a way as to decribe His Glory and the Story of of His Son. Many Scholars and Christian Astromoners clearly agree and have stated this over many years before Kennedy did. Order and read Kennedy’s Book on this and, I believe, you will change your mind on this. Also, do not forget that Dr. Jack Van Impe is not called the “Walking Bible” for nothing. He has memorized over 5200 Scripture verses during the fifty years that he has been in Ministry. Neither you or I could walk in his shadow when it comes to that feat!

    1. Believing in astrology is vastly different than what the Psalmist said.

      Jackie-boy is not called the walking bible. Regardless if someone has memorized verses (note verses) does not mean he knows anything about what they said.

      The man is a heretic.

  33. Joel,

    One more point of Van Impe. You are wrong. There is indeed a book that was published in 1988 entitled: “They call him the walking bible”. Yep. It was written about Jack. You should order it from the JVI Website along with some of his over 78 other tapes and books in on the Van Impe Website. Note: Van Impe is not God and he could be wrong about some things. Then, neither are you or I. However, Van Impe has studied books, news articles and sources of public media content as well as studied Scripture far more than you and I put together. He was preaching about the “Coming War with with Russia” at public crusades before you and I were in our baby britches!

    1. So, he calls himself the walking bible. The man is a heretic and an ego maniac.

      There is no war with Russia, and it will never happen. Russia is not in Scripture, neither is the U.S. Since he has been preaching it for so long, and has been wrong, it is time to take him to the city gates and stone him.

      1. Russia not mentioned in the Bible??? You are joking, are’nt you?
        Ever read Scripture about: Mescech, Tubalsk, Rosh, Gog and Megog???? These are all tied to references of Armagedon. Billy Graham does in fact, also believe that we are in the End Times, albeit he and his wife Ruth dispute a Pre Trib Rapture.

        1. Um, no. That actually has nothing to do with modern day Russia. This called reading into the text. Like when you see eagle’s wings and think it means the U.S.

          Billy Graham is wrong as well. The only real thing that matters is what Scripture says.

          1. Alright Joel. Let me give it to you in a general overview of what 90% of Ministers of The Gospel believe. The 7 Year Tribulation will most likely begin soon. Believers will be taken out of the way in a Rapture. (I am not personally 100% on a Pre Trib Rapture, but that is the majority view). The Anti Christ willcome to power and sign a Peace Treaty with Israel which will be broken by him 3 and one half years later. All Hell will break loose. Russia invades Israel but is driven back to Siberia. Blood is so high from this war that it reaches a Horse’s bridle in depth according to Scripture. It takes 7 months to bury the dead. The mark 666 is placed on the majority of the World’s population. Those that refuse will be beheaded. A Second invasion occurs toward the Middle East with both a regrouped Russia and China and Nations of the Orient involved. The Bible says that this number of soldiers is over 1 million and includes Muslim Nations all coming against Israel. They too are also defeated with God’s interventiononce again in protecting His people, the Jews. Then, at the end of the Tribulation, Christ comes with all of His Saints and the Anti Christ and his followers are defeated. The One World Ten Grouped Division of Nations are defeated. Christ reigns for 100 years. At the End of 1000 years, the devil is let loose for a short time and causes insurrection against Him but this is quickly put down and a permanent establsihment of Christ’s Reign is enacted. This, Joel, will begin the true Heaven that you say does not exist.

          2. 90% of Ministers of the Gospel? Where are you coming up with that figure. Oh yeah, thin air… Admit it, you’re making stuff up at this point!

  34. Please remove me from your list of e-mails. I appreciate of what you are trying to convey to people, but I go strickly by what the Bible teaches. I don’t want to be in the middle of anybody’s personal vendetta. God will judge those who are false teaching, and I will pray for them.
    Thank you.

      1. Sorry Craig. I meant 90% of the Fundamentalist Ministers that preach on the End Times and have TV and Radio and literature outreaches.

  35. The Jack Van Impe Ministry has recorded over 2 million people saved during the 50 years of his television and formerly weekly city crusades Ministry. What Christian, any Denomination, can find any fault with that wonderful news?

  36. Oh. And by the way. That 2 million figure counts only the folks who have written to the Van Impe Ministry, or came forward at City Crusades,(like my wife and I did in 1976), and told the Staff that they have received Jesus Christ as Savior!

  37. Dear Friends,
    In my 10-29-12 post, I mistakenly stated that Christ reigns for 100 years during the Millenium. Of course, I meant that He reigns for 1000 years which is the length of the coming Millenium, which officially begins when the Anti Christ signs a flawed and destructive Peace Treaty with Israel.

  38. One more point before I close on this excellent and thought provoking Web Site. Jack Van Impe wrote a book and made a couple of DVD’s that, he says, put an end to the lie that states that the Rapture is a recent invention. His book and tapes show evidence that a literal Rapture of the Church was mentioned back to the 2nd Century of the Church and even prior, according to Jack Van Impe. Again, a Rapture seems like a lot for me to swallow but Van Impe is smarter and more biblically learned than I am, even though I have read the Bible through twice, word for word, over a 24 year year period, just taking a small Chapter or less at a time each eveing before I went to bed. Contacj JVI Minsitries by Googling and call them for the book or tape and anything else that might interest you. Also, watch his weekly TV Program which is on hundreds of channels across America, Canada and the world. Make your own mind up about him.

  39. Bill, I enjoy reading your posts. Unfortunately, Joel very soon will see that we were all correct because the Bible is correct. I have decided not to argue back and forth with Joel anymore. I am excited about the rapture which will be taking place soon.

  40. Good explanation Bill about the rapture and the upcoming events that follow. I sure don’t want to be here for that. Thank God that we will be taken out before then. Events are happening so rapidly in our world today. We cannot be here much longer. We are heading into the Tribulation period.

    1. Karen, not talking directly too me doesn’t mean that you can ignore what I have to say. Blah blah blah… Jack Van Impe likes dudes blah blah blah

  41. I saw Jack’s program when he mentioned about 2012 probably being the year. Everyone’s got their own ideas about when the rapture will happen, but really no one knows when. You can’t really calculate this. The Bible says no one knows the day or the hour, but we will know when the time is near. That doesn’t make him a false teacher. False teachers are speaking other than the truth which is another sign of the last days we are living in. I agree with Jack and with many others that Jesus is about to come. It’s going to be a terrible time for all those left behind.

      1. The Bible doesn’t use that word but it talks about Jesus coming in the clouds to gather up His people. We are gone in chapter 4 of Revelation. Some of my Catholic friends believe He is coming back to set up His Kingdom but they also pass right over the rapture, but the Bible is clear that we will be taken up to heaven before the 7 year tribulation.

        1. First…

          the passage in Thess. speaks about Jesus coming to earth, after his people meet him in the clouds. This was the common imagery used in describing a king’s visit to the city.

          Chapter 4 in Revelation has nothing to do with eschatology.

          Your Catholic friends are right. The other stuff you think is in Scripture is not and has never been.

  42. Actually, I should clarify what I said. Very few of my Catholic friends just believe in Jesus coming back to set up His Kingdom. There are those who do understand and do believe in the rapture. I’ve had conversations with those who believe in the rapture also. Most Christians, if not all, know what the Bible says about it and have no reason to believe otherwise or to believe those who don’t. Why is this site even here if you don’t believe in the rapture? I was doing a search before and found this. The sad part is that people have no clue what lies ahead once Jesus takes His followers to heaven. This is because they do not know the Bible well. They are in for the biggest shock of their lives.

    1. the rapture is unbiblical, as if a heaven removed from this earth. The bible, nor Christian tradition, has said anything about the rapture. only when an extreme fundamentalist decided to resurrect the ancient myth of gnosticism where the material/earth/flesh is evil, did one get the rapture.

      Autumn, I would suggest you get a few historical theological books as well as some books of the development of eschatology. Jesus never taught a rapture, and neither was it part of the Christian lingo until 100 or so years ago.

      If a Catholic believes in the rapture, they are out of step with the Holy See, not to mention all of normative Christian tradition

  43. must watch and hear video on youtube titled, “Christ testimony of the churches around the world.” there are two identical Jesus Christ revelation 17:8. most of revelation is happening in the spirit world. that’s why Jesus said it would be like the days of Noah and Lot. the abomination of desolation is happening in the spirit realm inside all these man made buildings set up for worship. the Christians and catholics, etc are not aware of what’s happening to them and around them in these places, (churches -any four wall building representing God to gather believers of Christ). these churches around the world are all connected to “The Great City” Revelation 11, which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt and Mystery of iniquity. Church leaders around the world are searching of the earthly signs. this will not happen until the very last day and hour. God will not allow man to destroy the earth with nuclear bombs. read matthew 3:12 and Revelation 20:9. God sends his son to the earth with the fire behind him consuming all his enemies which are left from the resurrection of the dead and those that are alive. the body of Christ is gathered as the son of man appears at last sound of shofar, he is coming while the wheat are gathered and the tares are left as the chaff and earth is consumed by the fire of God.

  44. When the rapture occurs, that will be the wake up call for many who did not believe. It will happen whether you believe it or not. Keep looking up!

    1. It says at the beginning of this website about being scared. I would be scared if I didn’t believe in the rapture because sadly, if you don’t believe in it, you’re probably not going with Jesus when He comes. Again, I repeat, that is a sad truth. I will pray for you to find the truth.

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