The Pro- biases of this Blog

Gez recently said,

This is now very much a pro-Roman Catholic blog it seems. I somehow feel obliged to now only write posts that are supportive of the Roman Catholic Church.

In his Aussie way, he was being funny, but this allows me room to address what others have not-so-politely or humorously said.

I admit, I – we – are taking a different track. A community blog is not one in which only one view is always presented. In my opinion, a community blog in which various views are presented and hashed out. Different areas are explored. Minds aren’t always changed. What should always be presented is evidences for our view point. I have pentecostal contributors, but I am not pentecostal and this blog is not pro-pentecostal. The same with the Lutheran, the Contrarian, and that other weird guy.

It is pro-Christ. Christ first. Christ alone. Christians have put up too many walls amongst themselves, and often times, it is based on errors in thinking, and to be fair, those errors aren’t always subjective. Sometimes, we get those errors from others who have taught us things. For examples, when I was a Baptist, I learned things which I can now use to either classify all Baptists a certain way…. the problem, of course, is that what I was taught was not the mainstream, or official, Baptist doctrine and thought. So, in other words, errors aren’t always due to prejudices, but sometimes, to what we have learned from those within the Tradition from which we came.

I, personally, am pro-Christ. As Wesley said – if your heart is as my heart… then you will have my hand.

It is very possible, that many good men now also may entertain peculiar opinions; and some of them may be as singular herein as even Jehonadab was. And it is certain, so long as we know but in part, that all men will not see all things alike. It is an unavoidable consequence of the present weakness and shortness of human understanding, that several men will be of several minds in religion as well as in common life. So it has been from the beginning of the world, and so it will be โ€œtill the restitution of all things.โ€

John was sorta anti-Catholic, but in the end, it came to be about the heart and the hand. If we are to be pro- anything, let us be pro- that.

If your heart is as my heart, then you can have my hand.

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6 Replies to “The Pro- biases of this Blog”

  1. I would like to suggest that you change your blog title to Settled Christianity. Since this is a Catholic blog, and all theological matters are already settled by Scripture, the tradition, and the catechism.

  2. I’m wondering where I fit into the schema of ‘Contrarian and the other weird guy?’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Seriously – I like diversity within a sense of non -conformity – that has the central tenet of Christ and where serious dialogue can take place. It’s interesting the journey that we go on…Next Sunday; I will become an official member of a Baptist church….I keep on getting in trouble, every time I say to the elders that its not the typical Baptist church…. at least I should say – its not the typical idea that I have seen and heard of this denomination…

    I am proud to be a Baptist ๐Ÿ˜‰ more importantly though – I’m proud to be a card carrying member of Christ.

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