The Printed Page Never Flinches

I know that this doesn’t really pertain to the Kindle and rise of electronic publishing; however, can you share your books with a Kindle? Or be that literary missionary with an iPad?

The printed page never flinches, it never shows cowardice; it is never tempted to compromise. The printed page never gets tired; it never gets disheartened. The printed page travels cheaply—you can be a missionary for the price of a stamp. It requires no buildings in which to operate. The printed page works while you sleep. It never loses its temper in discussion. And it works when you are gone from the scene. The printed page is a visitor that gets inside the home and stays there. It always catches a man in the right mood, it speaks to him only when he is reading it. It never answers back and it sticks to the point.

via Every Christian a Publisher.

HT – Craig Ireland

I’m not saying that if you go to the Kindle or the iPad you are some how going hell, but I hope you are fireproof .

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3 Replies to “The Printed Page Never Flinches”

  1. The printed page might not ever flinch, but it does catch on fire at 451 degrees and it mildews or deteriorates at temperatures much lower.

    You can destroy my Kindle, but you can’t take my ebooks away from me. I’ll just get another Kindle and re-download them since they’re tied to my account.

    I can be a missionary without a stamp (electronically sending a message or gifting an ebook that arrives IMMEDIATELY rather than taking days or weeks).

    And I can loan ebooks. Amazon made it official in December 🙂

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