The Premier 2013 Biblical Studies Carnival

Jim tells us,

In what follows readers will be directed to the best posts of the first month of the year of our Lord, 2013.  That’s what makes this the Premier Carnival (because it’s the first one).  It contains everything that’s good.  Naturally this means that if it isn’t herein contained, you didn’t miss anything if you missed what’s absent.  And it doesn’t contain anything that isn’t good so you’ll not be troubled with any of that crazy angry atheist drivel or the lunacy of the feckless mythicists.  Consequently, this entry will not be overly long (Carnivals do seem to be getting obscenely long of late, don’t they?) nor will it cover anything and everything ‘under the sun’.  Just the meat, and none of the fat and bone, as it were.*

via The Premier 2013 Biblical Studies Carnival Containing Everything That’s Good and Nothing that Isn’t… | Zwinglius Redivivus.

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