The picture of why Evangelical theology fails


You get it, don’t you?

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3 Replies to “The picture of why Evangelical theology fails”

  1. You’re under the assumption that Evangelicals say a couple of words and they’re saved, and sit hoping to be raptured. (Well, SOME believe this..)
    Maybe Evangelicals think that Methodists and other High Church members do rituals in order to placate themselves…

    1. I’m under no such assumptions. I can present evidence. It is not SOME who believe this but nearly ALL.

      Evangelicals can think what they want, but they’d be wrong. (Of course, at least then they’d be thinking, but they still would be wrong)

  2. Good post. Yes many do subscribe to this view. I live in middle Georgia where this is the official theology in most of the evangelical churches.

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