The Pentecostal Bultmann saves Christianity?

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I don’t know why, but I love that title…

And suddenly Bultmann is becoming very relevant indeed. Stripped of his mistaken empirical view of modern man and of his implausible fascination with Heidegger’s obscure existentialism, Bultmann can be seen again as posing a suddenly urgent question: Is the mythological worldview of the New Testament a necessary ingredient of the Christian faith? The question becomes even more interesting as Jews and Muslims, in their own way, must raise similar questions as well. Put differently: What are the prospects of supernaturalism in the modern world? My own hunch is that the prospects are pretty good.

Some Theologians Never Die—They Just Wait to be Googled. | Religion and Other Curiosities.

An okay essay, but I still would like to know how Bultmann would have interacted with modern pentecostalism…

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