The Patriot's Bible

Thomas Nelson has graciously sent me a copy of their newest addition to a very overcrowded bible market – the American Patriot’s Babel, er – no, it’s pretty hard for me to call it a ‘bible.’ I will do a full review next week, once I have had time to look it over, or when I can calmly read it.

Below are people already working it over good:

Between The Patriot’s Bible and the movie The American President: The Futilitiy of Study

The American Patriot’s Bible?

Thomas Nelson Releases ‘American Patriot’s Bible’

From the editor’s:

THE ONE BIBLE THAT SHOWS HOW ‘A LIGHT FROM ABOVE’ SHAPED OUR NATION. Never has a version of the Bible targeted the spiritual needs of those who love our country more than The American Patriot’s Bible. This extremely unique Bible shows how the history of the United States connects the people and events of the Bible to our lives in a modern world. The story of the United States is wonderfully woven into the teachings of the Bible and includes a beautiful full-color family record section, memorable images from our nation’s history and hundreds of enlightening articles which complement the New King James Version Bible text.

Here is a small video clip of the Idol:

It’s not the clearest, but you get the idea

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15 Replies to “The Patriot's Bible”

  1. I love the video. You hit on just about every point I was thinking …

    People who subscribe to the “Christian nation” myth will eat this up, because it reinforces their prejudices, rather than challenging them to look Biblically at US history.

    Manifest Destiny was nothing less than evil done in the name of God. Karl Marx got a great many things wrong, but one of the things he got right was that religion is an opiate to the masses. Convince people that the US is God’s chosen country, and they’ll lap it right up because some of the Founders were Christians, many of them said Christian things, and we can selectively read history and Scripture to make it seem so.

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