The only response needed to the whole Love Jesus but Hate Religion thing

Saw this on Facebook this morning…. this is about the only thing you’re going to get from me on the false dichotomy that some, because they see the large amount of abuse in religion, have created to help them feel better about disconnecting from the debate.

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6 Replies to “The only response needed to the whole Love Jesus but Hate Religion thing”

  1. The last time I had someone say that to me, I blurted out rather tactlessly, “Oh, really? How do you feel about trendy pretentious fads posing as sophisticated thought?”

    Maybe it’s because I have a 15-year-old son who’s declared himself a pacifist (but doesn’t live like one), but this whole “I hate religion but love Jesus” thing seems like teenage philosophy — full of superior tone and inferior thinking.

    1. I humour you sir, because here you prove that inferior thinking is not endemic, nor representational of so called ‘teenage thinking’, but rather menial parenting which results in statements so grossly generalized and so apathetic in regards to empirical and factual evidence.

      Now, I daresay you are not the type of man who sits in Socratic cafés ;listening, debating, reasoning with others. No, it is evident that you abuse the Platonic style of argument which only aids in your apparent display of ignorance.

      You were a teenager once; and it may be due to your inherent apathy that you decided to foster this same fatuous nature in your own family; but do not dare suggest that all teenagers are somehow like you, or are a simulation of your pathetic outlook. We are quite different.

      If you are indeed an intellectual, which I daresay and assume you are not; such generalisations would be beneath you, as I -and most others attribute such prejudiced statements as the mark of an uneducated fool whose only purpose in life is to ridicule intellect and those who are in this sense, superior.

      I may have something to prove here; as you may have so tactless guessed; in all honesty I take pleasure in ridiculing the small minded. I wonder, when you are an old man, and your son has found his calling in life; where will you be? Still ridiculing the ‘teenage thought’ that now guides the nation?

      Fool! Ha, you excite my sensibilities- have you ever paused to speak to those who are changing the world as we speak- who are changing the future? The youth? Do individuals such as Malala stir your sentiments? Or are you so fixated in your dismal outlook to see that there are so many intellectuals, activists, leaders out there who are in fact teenagers? We are everything great, that you could never be.

      I don not pretend to care about my endeavour to enlighten you any longer. Enlighten yourself. Read please, read copiously. For your ignorance has exasperated my patience.

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