The new The Early Writings Forum from Peter Kirby

Looks like some forums are closing down. Good thing we have some to fill this space.

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The Early Writings forum picks up where ye olde “Biblical Criticism & History” of IIDB left off » Peter Kirby.

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4 Replies to “The new The Early Writings Forum from Peter Kirby”

  1. The “bible” in all of its parts were copied from previous religions. The question now becomes: What is wrong with the human mind, especially those individuals who claim to have higher moral and ethical values as researchers, etc., that in light of such memetic proof, they continue to shoot off into some imaginary supernatural realm of their propagandized childhoods and continue to claim there is proof of Jesus and Christians in the first and second century…where no proof exists?

    Such theological problems then become the study of psychopathology.

  2. In my personal and professional opinion, as I am a licensed mental health care provider….religion and unsubstantiated proof of supernatural occultism is a mental illness. If anyone who claims to be able to speak for god can prove their claims then we would all believe in divine thingies. Either the religious have proof of first and second century Christianity in the form of any kind of writings or scribblings, or proof of any kind of magic whereby a god interrupted the laws of physics and consequences…or they do not.

    1. First, you can pretend to be whatever you want to be, Judy, but looking at your rants against the President while pretending to be someone else only suggest you need to ‘be seen’ if you know what I mean.

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