The New Fundamentalism

One of the good things about the fundamentalist movement in its origins was that it set five basic tenants of faith that Christians should operate under. How those have been lived out and what they have morphed into is pretty sad and often scary, but the idea was solid. IT goes back to the council of Nicaea in fact whose purpose was to establish some basic and uniform Christian doctrine that represented the faith. It is a good and useful idea all in all. We need another of these in the UMC. Not a big book of discipline, or the larger book of resolutions etc, we need a few basic things that we agree upon as being representative of the Christian faith. I even think that it can be done.

Part of the problem is that we have made a simple faith very complicated. Let’s not forget that most of the disciples were not what would have been considered intellectuals. Let’s not forget that Peter, the rock of the church, and Paul, the great evangelist to the Gentiles argued over circumcision in their day, s arguments are not new.

Here is my modest proposal for the new fundamentals of faith. The idea being that if we can operate under these, then we can work and grow together.

  • 1. Jesus is pretty awesome. He died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected as a foreshadowing of our resurrection.
  • 2. The bible is the primary source of God’s truth.
  • 3. Be excellent to each other (thank you Bill and Ted for the best advice ever)

There we go, my new fundamentals for a new fundamentalism. Yes, I know it’s overly simplistic and it is quite on purpose to hopefully make you think a little bit. So here is the invitation, what are the new fundamentals? What are the 5 easily understood statements that sum up Christian faith that we can all go forward with?

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7 Replies to “The New Fundamentalism”

  1. I love it Scott! If I may to suggest a biblical foundation for what you’re saying, Romans 16: 19-20 (ESV)
    …be wise in what is good; be innocent of evil. (20) and the God of peace will soon crush Satan underneath your feet!

  2. Below are just one obstacle to each of the three points:

    One: Who’s or which Jesus are you talking about? There’s the historical thorn in the flesh of the religious status quo as opposed to the one remolded by the Constantinian shift.

    Two: Who’s or which Bible are you talking about? This would make deciding on which Jesus look like a cakewalk!

    Three: Given the animosity politics and religion tend to breed, this one should be interesting to watch.

    Now for the bonus: Let’s face it, most Christians would rather be right than happy.

  3. I would humbly reply The Jesus. Only one died on the cross. I would also humbly suggest the bible. There is only one. (sure a gazillion translations, but still only one). If our leadership can not agree that it really isn’t this difficult, we need new leaders. BTW, “Let’s face it, most Christians would rather be right than happy.” Might be the most depressing statement I have heard in a long time, but only because it is true.

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