The New Academic Frontier – Sexuality and Religion?

The Morehouse School of Medicine is creating what is being called the first endowed chair on sexuality and religion at a U.S. medical school.

The Atlanta medical school on Thursday announced it raised $2 million for the endowed chair, and it will begin a one-year national search to hire someone to fill it.

The chairperson will develop ways to train physicians and theologians on a wide range of sexual health issues that include contraception, rape prevention, unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

via Morehouse School of Medicine Establishes Endowed Chair in Sexuality and Religion.

I’m actually pretty cool with this. Religion, as the Huffpo reminded us today, is from the Latin, meaning “binding together” or something like that. And, as most people will recognize, sexuality is one of the ties that bind. So, why not put the two together?

We need to incorporate religion more into other fields of study, in my opinon.

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