The most dangerous thing to give a fundamentalist

Is books…


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25 Replies to “The most dangerous thing to give a fundamentalist”

  1. I don’t need no books! I don’t need nothin’ but the Bible, and just the King James Bible at that.

    If it was good enough for Jesus his own self, it’s good enough for me!

          1. Oh? You mean by calling you out and suggesting you are nothing more than a peddler of a false gospel…

            But on the other hand, your ability to speak for God is breathtaking.

          2. Christ is my judge as to when or if I might be abusing Him…and you are too mean-spirited to be His spokesman.

            You use your tongue regularly for lashing your opponents instead of for singing Christ’s praises.

            Your blog posts tell much more about whom you are against than about the One you profess to be for.

            Jesus Christ is Lord. May He count for everything and may I count for nothing. If all you did was insult me, I wouldn’t care and I wouldn’t comment. I have responded to you thus far that He might get a little more air time on your blog.

          3. Mean-spirited? Have you read Paul?

            Mike, I don’t think Christ is coming through with your “air time” whatever that might pretend to mean

  2. When you find the truth–the Bible– you do not have to keep searching and you do not have to keep questioning; you have found the truth and you stick with it regardless of what unbelievers think or say.

    1. In other words, you rely upon your own understanding so why even pretend to read Scripture. Go get a street corner somewhere, Dave, and just starting rattling stuff off?

          1. Awww… this is fun…God said–obedience is greater than sacrifice. That means you do not listen to the ungodly as they are deceived.

            To do otherwise would be disobedience to both God and Jesus and Jesus said–my sheep hear my voice. That means believers do not listen to alternatives of the Bible because Jesus never gave alternatives.

            Since you do not follow or obey either of them, you are wrong and disobedient.

          2. Wait… is it God’s voice you want us to hear or your’s? It seems like yours, because you have yet to present anything truthful or scriptural – no logic, no reasoning, nothing. You just keep begging people to listen to you… without proof. If this was Deuteronomy, you’d be stone by now

  3. I have found that the most closed-minded people are liberals. They are open to any alternative to the Bible they can find yet remain closed to the truth. They won’t even give it some thought but dismiss it without as moments hesitation.

    Then they have the audacity to make false accusations against those who bring the truth.

    1. Oh? You haven’t told the truth since you’ve been on the net “Dr.”

      And… speaking of closed mind, how’s that “science is a conspiracy of the devil” pot working out for you, kettle.

      The TRUTH is this: fundamentalism is an abuse of Christianity, and if Jesus walked today, they would be the ones crucifying him – killing him – raping him – chasing down his disciples. You know, much like they do today.

      1. I have told nothing but the truth. Your problem, one of them, is that you lump everyone into a large category and label it then you condemn the people you place in that category. Talk about not giving people a chance.

        I am sure you would not like to be lumped in with all those high school or movie theater shooters simply because you live in America, so don’t do it to believers.

        You are very wrong and on the wrong side.

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