The most damaging doctrines?

Earlier this week, LePort (Le!!!!!Poooooorrrrrttttt!!!!!!) post on the most damaging doctrines. Coming form a tradition similar to his, I can understand. However, I want to submit two more:

  1. Infallibility – First, the doctrine is extra-biblical, meaning that it is not expressly said in Scripture. Further, since you often times have to subscribe to this doctrinal belief, you are thereby prevented from actually questioning the text and in fact will often find yourself abusing the Text to keep your faith. You make Scripture an idol, you make it God. Well, your God.
  2. The so-called ‘Creation Order’ of Genesis 2-3 wherein, unlike Genesis 1, women are created after everything else and, for the man. This has led to abuse and a counter-productive notion of a ‘woman’s place.’

The most damaging doctrines? « Near Emmaus.

That’s just two. There are more. What is yours?

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