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My favourite quote from The Message Bible is:

Yes. Yes. Yes. Matthew 6:13 (The Message)

Anyone who has seen the movie When Harry Met Sally… will know the scene in a restaurant where Sally screams out Oh God a few times and

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

a few times. She wasn’t praying. When Harry Met Sally… was released in 1989. The Message Bible New Testament was published in 1993. Did Eugene Peterson get his inspiration for the last line of his version of The Lord’s Prayer from When Harry Met Sally… ?!? Or is it just a coincidence, or a God-incidence.

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5 Replies to “The Message – favourite quote”

      1. I like the Message Bible. After reading some of Eugene Peterson’s writings, I have come to understand the back ground and reasoning for writing it.

        I am enjoying the TNIV at the moment..the version without any chapter and verse numbers and heading…it makes for an interesting and enjoyable read.

        @Gez… Perhaps Eugene Peterson went Yes, Yes, Yes in the joyous manner you related to in Harry Met Sally after he finished the whole process of writing it.

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