The Man of Steel Trailer


For the theogeeks, you know that Superman is nothing short than a messiah motif in red underroos…

The only son… Dying to save a world…

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One Reply to “The Man of Steel Trailer”

  1. Thanks for posting this I wanted to watch it again after The Dark Knight Rises. Looks like they decided their cash cow is in an apologetic superhero movie (as in “we’re sorry this is a superhero we promise we’ll make it as realistic as possible) in the vein of Batman instead of the Avengers style of “yeah it’s a superhero movie, go with it!” To DC’s credit the latter is what they tried with Green Lantern and that failed miserably. Maybe DC heroes only work with the Nolan treatment. Still looking forward to Superman. This may be heresy but I like him more than Batman.

    In regards to your statement “Dying to save a world…” the only time I remember Superman dying is in the Death of Superman comic from 1993. Is there some component to his mythos that involves his death or is that what you were referring to?

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