The Mainstream Media didn’t report this about the President? Sickening #prolife

On October 3, researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine published a study with profound implications for policy making in the United States. According to Dr. Jeffery Peipert, the study’s lead author, abortion rates can be expected to decline significantly—perhaps up to 75 percent—when contraceptives are made available to women free of charge. Declaring himself “very surprised” at the results, Peipert requested expedient publication of the study, noting its relevance to the upcoming election.

via Barack Obama, Pro-Life Hero | Sexuality/Gender | Religion Dispatches.

First, you have to understand that abortions would not cease if Roe v. Wade were somehow overturned. It would simply allow the States to outlaw abortion on a State-by-State level. Second, Romney’s surrogates plainly said he would not overturn Roe v. Wade. And of course, you have Mitt Romney in 2002 saying he was pro-choice, more pro-choice than the pro-choicest candidate of them all.

And now… a study (science and all, and if you don’t believe science works in stuff like this, ask Nate Silver) predicts that abortion will decrease by up to 75% under what the Right has termed Obamacare (by the way, this is simply bad marketing). Granted, this includes insurance companies providing contraceptives – which until the President was behind the mandate, was okay with Protestants (btw, he got the idea from Romneycare). So, I guess the decision needs to be made.

Do you really fight to reduce abortion or do you not?

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  1. Good, eventually science has certified that pills and condoms are ineffective. If we want to prevent unwanted pregnancies we should promote the use of LARC methods.

    But as far as I know contrapectives are provided by Title X; so why the Obamacare?

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