The Logical Conclusion to the Problem of Masculine Christianity

I’m telling you, there’s a lot of weak vessels, silly women, out there, who ungodly men lie in wait for. Am I controlling for keeping my woman away from these evil men? Then so be it. Yes, I am in control, but I love my woman enough to grant her freedom of thought and expression. She is as intelligent as I am, but still the weaker vessel, due to her willingness to surrender and submit to a man who takes charge. Ask yourself, how many men adopt the interests and beliefs of their wives? None. How many women adopts the interests and beliefs of their husbands? They are in abundance. It is clear that a woman submits to a man who rules her, even to the point of abuse, I’m sad to say. Therefore a Christian man is told to love his woman as himself. What man would abuse himself? He may abuse drugs or alcohol but not himself.

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This is, of course, following on the with the conversation from last week…

This could be Poe’s Law, but it’s not. Quiverfull is real movement…

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2 Replies to “The Logical Conclusion to the Problem of Masculine Christianity”

  1. ok so God has written who is to be saved in the Book of life before the foundation of the world- (which I fully believe because it is in the bible) but has this guy read the list? His way of writing sounds so rigid that i would certainly not measure up to his standards of christian life. I would probably be judged the first minute he saw me because I wear pants. (something I know quiverful does not allow) and if he saw how I keep house (minimally) 11 cats instead of 11 kids, whoo, I would probably get a steely stare of disgust and judgement.

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