The Le Donne Questions

The impassable Anthony Le Donne is asking a series of questions… First.. what can academics do once Christian fundamentalists have won the day? Second… what resources might come in handy as a ministry tool?

Seriously, read the post –

The Jesus Blog: What more can be done for academics burned by Christian fundamentalists?.

My first answer, I think, is to provide a support group of sorts. I have not been exiled as an academic – I’m not an academic yet – but I’ve been exiled as a believer by fundies. A support group helps. Emails, calls – other resource help.

Resources…. Whew… That is a big one. I think books like the one written by ]] is a place to start. How do you maintain faith when everyone is telling you you no longer believe…

I dunno… but I think that these questions deserve some careful consideration.

Oh, and let me plug my second book here, by Energion, that will tell the story of several people you may know that have moved from fear to faith.


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