The Lake of Fire Will Consume Jim West With the Rest of the Double-Minded

Jim West is evil … very, very evil … verily.

In Jim’s most recent tirade, he has called into question my work with the rankings this month.  But Jim, it’s not June anymore … and what were you saying on the last day of May? ….

Boom goes the Dynamite!  You were retweeting (without comment to show disapprobation) Joel’s call for the rankings in which he said I was being lazy by not posting them.  And look at the time stamp my friends … not only on MAY 31ST, but at 9:18AM on MAY 31ST!!!!!!!!!!!! (And if Jim tries to deny this I have also been made aware of a classified document in which he states much of the same).

Yes indeed, Jim.  You are solidifying your place among the double-minded in the all-consuming, never-dying lake of fire.  So Jim, this song is for you.


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3 Replies to “The Lake of Fire Will Consume Jim West With the Rest of the Double-Minded”

  1. oh i think it should be posted at the appropriate time. i think you just misread the stats! you must have been inebriated on the holy wine.

    so im not double minded, you’re double inebriated! so there!

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