The King James Version has made the Greek Obsolete

In this post, I just found out that a KJVO Bible college has just made it public that they will not be teaching Greek in preparing men for ministry because their preserved KJV Bible for the English speaking people makes Greek obsolete. This is the official statement of Grace Baptist College in Gaylord Michigan. (from here)

No seriously, from a ‘college’ which states that it is for the ‘thinking fundamentalist’ where it doesn’t want you to think at all, just respect:

Grace Baptist College theology majors are taught a far more orthodox school of thought called “textual evidence.”  This school of thought is an in-depth, scholarly, and historically correct approach that equips the student with a far greater respect for the Received Text of the New Testament and the Masoretic Text of the Old Testament without compromising a simple faith in the “Scriptures.” (II Timothy 3:15-16)  Thus, “textual evidence” places a greater emphasis upon the Bible’s own built-in dictionary than upon a Greek lexicon or Bible dictionary such as Baker, Davis, Easton, Harpers, or a host of others.  While many study aids and published works are introduced to the theology student, the primary text that is taught is the text of the King James Bible itself.  For the undergraduate theology major, almost half of the total credits for a Bachelor’s degree are accumulated Bible credits.  We are not teaching the next generation of preachers about the Bible or how to critique the Bible; we are training them in and with the Bible.  We are passionate in our desire to awaken those who are not aware of the hazards in Greek study.  We believe Greek study has been and will continue to be the downfall of Protestant Fundamentalism.  Therefore, we boldly stand with true Baptist history in providing this generation with a Bible college that TEACHES THE WHOLE ENGLISH BIBLE.

Actually, the ‘historically correct’ approach has nothing to do with the TR. Read Origen. Augustine. Jerome.

Note, that what they are really saying is that they are teaching the person to create his or her own dictionary according to their own theology, culture, and personal worldview than to rely upon what the bible actually says.

Note the ‘whole English Bible bit’ because you know only English speaks should read the bible. And I am pretty sure the Christ, Paul and the others didn’t write in 16th century English.

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