I rather enjoy this:

The Church of Christ is the Company of His Disciples, consisting of all those who accept Him as the Son of God and their Saviour from sin, and who unite in loving fellowship, and strive to promote the Kingdom of God. It includes the blessed company of all faithful people, not only those sojourning on earth but the saints departed who live unto God. The Visible Church consists of all persons throughout the world who profess to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, and to live obedient to the precepts of His Word, together with their children. Though gathered in many folds, and differing in race and language, and differing also in doctrine and usage, there subsists notwithstanding “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church,” united in “the faith and knowledge of the Son of God.” Among the living branches of the Church of Christ, the Methodist Church with its missionary and daughter Churches in many lands holds a responsible and influential place.

I wonder if we can get it placed in our Book of Discipline…

I’d wager you couldn’t because actually believing in Jesus as the Son of God and Saviour from sin would turn many Methodists off.

I like all of it, and especially the fact that they include the departed.