The Intellectual Dishonesty of “Believing it, Defending it, Proclaiming it” @AiG

That is the motto of Answers in Genesis:


aig motto


When you start with ‘believing it’ as the first principle, you encourage groupthink. What one person thinks is what everyone else must think. We follow this by defense. Not examination. Not reformation. Not reforming or renewal. Only defense. This is the root of fundamentalism wherein there is no examination of the belief, only the requirement to believe it and then to defend it. As Peter Enns suggest for believers like Albert Mohler, theology should never be examined, only defended.

This is a pitiful excuse for ‘apologetics’ and indeed, a pitiful method of actual exegesis.

God help us never to be that locked into our own doctrines and beliefs that we never hear the Spirit calling….

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2 Replies to “The Intellectual Dishonesty of “Believing it, Defending it, Proclaiming it” @AiG”

  1. Did Al Mohler really say that? It’s not that I don’t believe you, but with a quote that outrageous, I feel like I need to be fair and examine it in it’s original context before I allow myself to be as shocked as I could be.

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