The Immaculata as the Conqueress of the Devil?

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The Immaculata is the conqueress of the devil, she is the Mother of God, always united to God, the full of grace, the masterpiece of grace with every holiness and perfection attainable by a human creature. The Immaculata is the one who in Her unbounded and respectful love wills the glory of God, fights the battles of God for overcoming evil, for the triumph of good, crushes the head of hell’s monster and destroys all heresies in the whole world. …

via RORATE CÆLI: Whoever finds the Immaculata, finds Jesus.

Thought this was interesting. It got me to thinking about interpreting Revelation 12 in the light of Mary who some have believed is the woman mentioned in that chapter.

What if she was? I mean the woman of Revelation 12. How does that interfere with our normal notions of Mary?


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