The hypocrisy of Protestants against Pope Benedict and Rome

For instance, this site which sees signs of the supposed End in everything, criticizes an old statement by Pope Benedict in which he upholds long standing Catholic Doctrines, well since Vatican II anyway, that Protestant Churches aren’t really Churches but are Christians. See, they have this funny notion that I know that no one else has (that’s sarcasm, folks) that there is only one Church. Using Logic, this means that other Churches aren’t, not that Protestants aren’t Christians. If there is only one Church, by simply logic, then you can have only one church, right?┬áNow, look at the site again. What he does he call the Pope? The Beast and the Enemy, placing Roman Catholicism alongside that of Islam.

This is just stupid. Whomever is writing that site needs to repent and never post on the internet again as penance.

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4 Replies to “The hypocrisy of Protestants against Pope Benedict and Rome”

    1. Possible…. I would say that the consequence of modern Protestantism is that it allows everyone to be their own Pope and Tradition. This is the issue of many of the newer sects, etc…, which are far, far removed from any type of Tradition.

  1. That website is rubbish.

    The Catholic Latin Rite version of the Nicene Creed states: “I believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church” meaning all Christians in the universal Church.

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