The Gospel of Mark is The Dark Knight Rises of the New Testament



First, The Gospel of Mark is one bad m- hey now, watch your mouth… So is Batman.

Mark has a secret identity.

So does Batman.

Mark ends too soon… so does Batman.

The connections are easy to spot, really. I mean, if you are looking really, really hard, and may be drinking a bit.

We are going to see The Dark Knight Rises tonight.

Here is my prediction –

Batman dies. Bruce Wayne retires, but a new hero takes over. Maybe that Third Rock from the Sun feller.

Anne Hathaway is the weakest part of the movie.

Bane is super scary

We’ll all miss the Joker.

The Joker will be referenced, maybe, but not really seen.

We’ll leave the movie theater both stunned at just how awesome the movie was and deeply disappointed that it was a let down. You have to understand that this has been a Parousia of sorts. We are waiting for the Second Coming. A religious, esoteric, mystical experience. That’s usually the case when you have that much hype.

Like that time and Penny and Leonard finally slept together and it was a bust.

Or that time when you were a child and wanted that toy really, really bad and you got it, but it was just a let down.

Or the unrequited love of last year…

You know what I mean… like the messiah you expected and not the one you got.

Anyway… I’ll keep you updated.

Oh… And neither has a wasted character like Robin.

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