The Gospel of Mark is just a fake

No, not that Gospel of Mark, but the Manuscript which is owned by the University of Chicago:

Through analysis of parchment, ink and paints used in the book, Joseph Barabe, a senior research microscopist at Westmont-based McCrone Associates, determined the book was created after 1874 using materials not available until the late 19th Century.

“The evidence points quite directly to it being fabricated for the antiquities market,” Mitchell said.

The clever faker probably spent countless months on the manuscript, and even smeared a “brownish-black” liquid on the edges of the pages to create a “charring” effect, Mitchell said. Medieval manuscripts often collected soot around the edges after years and years of people reading by candlelight, Mitchell explained.

U. of C. ‘treasure’ really just a fake :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Education.

Now, for those of you who may click through and want to read the Real Deal, click here.

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